5 tips makeup for a more youthful appearance

1. Hydration

Here yes, regardless of age, must always keep our skin well hydrated, this will help prevent fine lines, and in time, will help mature skin better accept the makeup. So there is no excuse, moisturize your skin with cream ideal for your needs is an essential than ever to skip NEVER eh?

2. Concealer and foundation

Over the years, the skin tends to become drier and slightly stretched. To counter this, it is extremely important to use liquid concealers and foundation makeup, so they will give your skin extra moisture to keep it lighter and with a youthful appearance. In the market there are many products that include ingredients like vitamins, etc., which also help to protect and treat the skin.

3. Flush

Evita continue using powders, as their pigments can stay accumulated in the wrinkles and that the mark even more! Better use a cream blush, apply just a little bit with your fingertip on your cheeks and blend for a natural look.

4. Liner

If you are a woman who LOVES the Czech outlined this, change the classic eyeliner black one brown, this will soften somewhat the appearance of your eyes (making it look younger, wuhoo!) And never from the Nevers, let lines super marked, blur the a little, this will soften your look even further.

5. Eyebrows

Over the years, our eyebrows lose some hair density and a tip that really makes a huge difference is makeup (naturally) eyebrows, try colored powder or gel, the’ll love.

Ok, there are doing a plus! For lips use more natural, fresh, light colors colors, giving them a brightness and volume.