5 Tips on How to Develop a Twitter Marketing Strategy

You’ll find as you make plans to start or grow your business you’ll need to have a strategy for each tool you use. Twitter especially, needs to have a strategy all of its own as it is a unique micro-blogging platform.

As all the social media platforms are different – you’ll find it almost impossible to use them in the same way. This is due to the different audiences who want different results from using individual social media sites like, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Tip #1

Your first step should be deciding on why you want to use Twitter in the first place.

You’ll find it’s a BIG mistake to try to use Twitter to just promote your products and services as it really is a ‘tool of engagement’ so it should be a mixture of promotion and social chit-chat with some useful tips and information.

In fact, Twitter users normally feel they are actually connecting with a ‘real’ person and not an automated ‘bot’ or mechanical tool.

Tip #2

If you have employees (or plan to in the future… think big!) encourage them to Tweet during the day, providing they are showing your company in a positive light and are also engaging and interacting with followers.

They can so this by answering customers queries or by sending out coupons, or monitoring competitions, etc. Let’s face it, we’re all human beings and we like talking to other people before we make our buying decisions.

It’s fine for them to add some personal Tweets, as long as they show themselves (and your company) in a positive light, of course.

Tip #3

Twitter etiquette usually assumes that you always follow those who follow you right back. However, you may want to monitor your followers as often the spammers are active too.

It’s also important that you are proactive in searching for people who are in your target market, so you can follow them and hopefully they will follow you right back. If they do, remember to always be respectful and post relevant content if you want them to keep following you.

Don’t be tempted to become bland and use Twitter as just a promotional tool, as people will soon stop caring about your Tweets and unfollow you.

Tip #4

You always want to be monitoring anyone who is talking about your products or services – this is a great way for FREE marketing research. Understanding their expectations and what they desire will help you build a strong relationship with them.

Once you know them well enough you’ll know what keywords will get more response from them.twitter marketing strategy

Tip #5

Once you have made up your mind to use Twitter then you really do have to commit to using it regularly. Plan your strategy carefully and aim for a happy medium, sharing good useful information and a little about what you are doing in your personal life (without going overboard).

By Irene Houston