5 tips to dress appropriately for a job interview


If your resume has been selected to make a interview , it is very important at the time of going to it on how to dress ties image . Your image is your business card, and if you are selected will also be in the company , so you need to take care of every detail. To do this, we must optimize certain details that maybe you had not raised. Here we leave five useful tips :

1. It is important to feel comfortable with the outfit that makes you feel good, and quiet. This is achieved with a suit that fits you well, not too loose or too tight, it is fashionable and above all you like .

2. The tie is the most expressive garment formal attire of men, and so it is important to choose it well. Avoid the ‘funny’ models, with cartoons. A tie with stripes can be elegant, but if you are young may seem to wear a school uniform. The models too showy may divert attention, but there are strong ties very correct colors. No need to choose a nondescript tie. Take a spare one in case you spill food or drink in which wearing. You can find from a variety of ties that suits your needs.

3. Always wear a button collar and do his tie in place but loosely. If the knot is too moves, you can use a pin to hold it. The appropriate length to knot it is just above the belt. Never so it is a gap between the tie and belt, and never inside the belt.

4. Although it is likely to take off your coat at reception, it is important you enter the place with a good piece on the suit if there occurs the first impression you’re going to produce. The anoraks , or any other sports garment like that, are not the best option. Avoid fur coats and garments with sheep, because you could end up with your pretty dark jacket full of fluff.

5. If you have a second interview with the same company, change your appearance in the dress, changing the color of your shirt, blouse or tie. This shows dynamism, creativity, personality and health.