5 tips to improve fitness

All people have strength , endurance , flexibility , coordination and speed . These physical characteristics are developed differently in each person according to effort should be made ​​daily. Individual condition of these qualities is what is called fitness .
These skills can be improved using the constant physical training. To achieve Salud180.com you suggest 5 tips to improve your fitness .

1. Train your flexibility: To become more flexible you must be consistent in your training, as it is acquired over time. The flexibility releases tension, relieves muscle spasms and improves your strength.
2. Train circuit: When you do aerobic activity works on and off, this type of training is much more intense and increases peak oxygen uptake.

3. Train modifying the intensity: After three weeks of intense training, relax and reduce by 40% the intensity of your routine returns the following week at the usual intensity. Thus you recover to gradually increase your strength.
4. Train with new disciplines: To add new moves to your routine complemented by exercises such as tai chi or yoga , this work form your muscles from other conditions.

5. Play: Have fun while doing exercise with sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, or squash. Competitive play requires you to do your best and giving you information about the areas that need more work.
Having a balanced diet and exercising at least three times a week not only improves your physical condition but also your health and athletic performance. Good luck!