5 Tips to sell better LinkedIn and getting a job

sell better
sell better

5 Tips to sell better LinkedIn and getting a job

Properly used, the social network LinkedIn may be the best personal letter of presentation to companies, recruiters and professionals with similar interests. LinkedIn changed the paradigm and ceased to be a platform to offer jobs to also move to build professional networks.  The executive of the social network gives five tips to increase the visibility of your  profile.

1. Leverage global
may look first to grow your network of contacts s from people you know or colleagues from the same company which is highly recommended. But being a social network with international reach , LinkedIn gives the opportunity to add personalities of global nature , they tend to share valuable information within the platform.

Define what your interests and the same platform will recommend relevant people including businessmen, entrepreneurs, global CEO, with similar profiles. Bill Gates may never give a recommendation, but it’s always valuable to know what one of the richest men in the world has to say and share in business, personal success or even literary interests.

2. Do not be afraid to share
Having full profile is only 50% of the work . As networks like Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn requires careful and constant feeding . Share articles , initiate discussions (avoid controversial issues), make questions and recommend books , articles or studies.

By sharing valuable information , your profile will have more visibility and allow you to increase the members of your professional network , who then (know him personally or not so) may recommend the type of skills you want to highlight.

3. Beyond Text
LinkedIn is not a curriculum , so that limited the serious and long text could affect the visibility of your profile against other users. Take advantage of the option to upload multimedia content on your profile.

You can upload photos , video , images , presentations and documents . For people that are in development or creative spaces is better upload your own work to say anything more than what they have accomplished their work.

Make a video of a couple of minutes to describe who will allow you to focus on the aspects more specific and remarkable of his career and personality.

4. Be bilingual
Although not required, the recommendation is to write your profile in English and Spanish . The task will allow you to practice the language and leave the door open for anyone who understands , training, career and skills.

Beck LinkedIn is blunt: ” Companies today are looking for the best talent , regardless of whether they are in Mexico, Colombia, USA and Brazil. ”

5. Adjust your skills and recommendations
While the platform fits their skills according to the number of recommendations to purchase, you always have the option to edit the order in which you want to appear or who wish to feature .

According to the social network, profiles with organized abilities has 13 times more likely to be consulted by users. It is vital that you keep this section updated and in the preferred order.