5 ways to make your most effective (and fun) meetings

Meetings are an essential feature for the smooth running of any business.

Any organization needs to call its members to discuss ideas, launch projects or simply reporting any news of the company. But in most business meetings are unproductive and tedious for your attendees that instead of using them as something productive, are unable to find solutions and sustain attention. But together can be a dynamic encounter, respect and creativity among participants following these keys.

1. Participation. Worry about creating an environment in which everyone can communicate and give their point of view. A meeting should be a dialogue not a monologue in which others can not participate for fear or shame.

2. Leave the comfort zone. long meetings seated around a table, test new options to improve communication, concentration and mood of your team are over. A meeting over lunch at a place where you can stand or play music while thinking new ideas will significantly improve the quality of them.

3. Define your role. The whole atmosphere of the meeting is vital to achieve effective solutions necessary so that everyone assumes the position it deserves and contribute their point of view it so that everyone can feel part ..

4. Planning. It is important to manage the meetings properly so that no misunderstanding so should communicate the date and length and after her scoring the proposals to continue working on them.

5. It breaks with convention. Surprise participants calling your attention somehow. Enjoy your personality to break the willingness of participants to stress.

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