5 ways to solve problems creatively

Every problem has a solution … or more. However, the key is to solve it efficiently and efectiva.Para it must be always thinking of new ways to help us solve these problems and not everyone has the same capabilities.

However, it is not impossible and greatly facilitates making teams, so be on time. More than one was surprised at the results.

Stay away from the problem.

Surely you’re watching too closely, you will have too much attachment or you’ve overloaded with information. All that prevents you from seeing objectively, so take some time to free your mind.

Think “outside the box”.

In fact, looking alternative ideas, however crazy or contradict your principles or logic, they are the starting point for shaping.

Get together with people who think differently than you.

If the idea is to create something different What people look like then? The variety can generate different views and perceptions to address the solution to a problem.

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Be patient.

Creative people often seem scattered and disordered in the eyes of the people who operate “more structure.” However, keep in mind that your mental processes are different and all chaos has its own way of organizing.

Use tools and techniques to take full advantage of the ideas.

The mind mapping, brainstorming and discussions aimed are excellent to start putting creative processes running. In any case, if not accomplished anything at the time, the brain will be activated to operate the process in the background and eventually emerge something.