6 Advantages and 6 disadvantages of social networking

Social networking certainly have become indispensable tools of everyday life in a kind of parallel universe in which human society and brands around the world come together and interact as equals.

Now, You’ve gotten what you think and how you benefit detrimental social networks? Let’s see in detail:

Advantages of Social Media Networking

Maintain and strengthen human relationships

Thanks to social networking is possible to recover contact with people from the past and regain those relationships. Similarly, friends and families living abroad maintain ties through social networks.

Find communities

Social networks offer the opportunity segmenting groups of people with common interests, so that facilitates both socialization and the development of interests and hobbies, even with people who are miles away.

And information Collaborative

The generation of communication networks and participation foster the exchange of knowledge simply because they interact, provide for the common good or the need to share something with the world. Social networks allow freedom of expression and dispersion of knowledge, as long as not offensive.

Business opportunities and employment

Interact in social networks strengthens human bonds, both diachronically (in outdated type) or synchronous (real-time). As these spaces allow turn exchange information relating to the area of ​​interest can then make way for the promotion of a good or service and even job opportunities.

Information and communication in real-time

Uploading right information when it happens to activate communication networks that mobilize society to a cause or simply promotes a forum for discussion between two or more people on a specific topic.

Generate reputation

Democratic access to information and the ability to interact with peers can generate based on the values ​​of that community reputation. Thus, if-not necessarily academic-knowledge is demonstrated and interact with some frequency in a particular group, it may become “popular” and even build a reputation that you become a leader opinion.

Disadvantages of Social Media Networking

Loss of privacy and reputation

By accessing the network is assumed that what one says or does is public knowledge. Thus, any comments or photograph to be issued will be available to anyone on the Internet.

Many tend to set the privacy level to maximum, but this also implies that somehow loses a bit of “social” sense and not exempt from the information shared by other profiles. Moreover, even without belonging to a social network you run the risk that you do or say is published in one of them, so before doing or saying something crazy, you better think twice.

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Procrastination and addiction

Social networks can generate addiction or, in the best case just make you lose a little time. The interest in knowing what other people do, say what one does and the opportunity to socialize and interact in interesting discussions or play in real-time exacerbates the situation.

Security and kidnappings

Yes, social networks are public unless otherwise configured. This means that anyone can view your profile unless you choose what is public and what is private. What happens then? Usually one published his experiences, either to share naively or just for show. However, every time you share information without wanting anything you say something about you. Thus, photos, friends, comments and denote groups who you are, what you like, what your habits and customs are, and how you access, so this information can be used against you by criminals.

Possibility of cyberbullying

As mentioned in the previous point, the information placed on the network is public, so there is always the risk that arises a follower who harasses you through your profile or worse, this person has some influence on other and are dedicated to bother you and practicing digital bullying.

Real-time communication

While networks offer the advantage that the information is transmitted and multiply immediately, there is a risk that this information is not confirmed, generating the transmission and transmission of false rumors and communications. Already on several occasions have “killed” several personalities and people keep sharing information from other users without confirming whether that is true. Before you do, check it is a serious means, with real journalists.

Spam and phishing

While we are more exposed to the outside world, we are more likely to run into scams or traps. Among the most common are the non-advertising spam and phishing authorized and identity-theft. Both partners opening links of dubious origin, that insert malware on computers without the user’s knowledge and can cause damage to equipment from damage by inserting virus, kidnapping data to request reward or use of data or card credit.

Left in you to make proper use of social networks, because they are still a window to reality and an alternative way of being in society. But: Our actions are marked good or misuse them and depends on each of us make the right decision.