6 Mistakes that every entrepreneur should avoid

6 Mistakes that every entrepreneur should avoid
Starting and maintaining a business is not easy, but there are certain factors that help minimize risks. Every enterprise is usually accompanied by huge amounts of excitement and expectation. However, these energies must focus and to take advantage of the learning environment who have already had the experience of similar businesses.

Just as there are rules for success, there are also fundamental errors which is very easy to fall and that can affect us severely. We present some of them:

planning, management and supervision

Every business must provide performance, otherwise its existence is meaningless. The early stages of entrepreneurship are essential to ensure future projection. For this reason special attention to the business model, cash flow, professional dedication and presence of active partners is required.

Not knowing the area to be mined

Entrepreneurship involves taking certain risks and legal, financial and time implications. That is why it is not easy to make the leap from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

If you venture into a business, do it with commitment and responsibility: Take the trouble to research the market, meet the public and engage in the processes associated with placement.

Neglect of reputation

It is precisely at this point that you should pay special attention to cultivate and maintain customers. The new being in an area is both advantage and disadvantage as newly reputation is being built. If there is a public problem should be solved in that way, otherwise it will generate distrust.

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Over-sizing of the structure

Remember that the beginning is always difficult and you should ensure optimal performance in the early years. Think about how to save wisely: Do not rush to place you in expensive offices if you really do not need to hire friends or just for the fact that they are. Opt for efficient staff for surely have to hold them much or fire and friendships are worth more than a job.

Be reactive

Do not wait for bids arrive or give signals problems to attend to. Identifies opportunities and risk situations and implements a handbook for being ahead of them. You will notice that everything will flow better and be much more motivation.

No devote to advertising or promotion

Who is not simply announces does not exist, therefore the importance of understanding from the perspective of promoting investment in the business and not as cost.

If your budget is tight, try to advertise on the Internet, which requires less investment and to segment the audience. Note that, despite appearances, is never free because it requires investment in resources like knowledge, money and technology for implementation.