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6 movies that will help you become a more successful person


6 movies that will help you become a more successful person

“The Secret”, “Social Network”, “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Pursuit of Happyness” are some of the movies that can help you succeed. In this note we tell you why.

Is there anything more inspiring than a movie? Because we believe not, here are some movies that can lead to reflection and want to create change in your life .

1. “The Secret”

“Instead of focusing on the problems of the world, you have to put all your attention and energy to trust, love, wealth, education and peace”. As mentioned in the film based on the law of attraction, its purpose is to motivate who look to change their mindset and inspiration .

2. “Social Network”

The Social Network movie is nothing but the story of Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg successful. If you are a businessman or entrepreneur after her, surely you take awareness of how important you feel responsible for your success and that you care for him .

3. “Yes, sir!”

Such as the title of the film, “Yes Man,” starring Jim Carrey, is a film that tries to show all the opportunities that may be lost by simply saying “no” .

4. “The Wolf of Wall Street”

“Let me tell you something. There is no nobility in poverty. I have been a poor man, and at the same time a rich man.”

This film based on the true story of Jordan Belfort attempts to show the things that money can buy and no. At the same time, invited to reflect on the present life and the importance of focusing on the good things.

5. “The Thief of Words”

“At some point, you have to choose between life and fiction. The two are very close, but never actually touch.” In this movie Bradley Cooper plays a struggling writer who has problems with success and ending copying a work.

Probably this film will motivate you to take charge of your work and try to do the best what you can with what you have available.

6. “The Pursuit of Happiness”

This film, which is about the life of Chris Gardner, a salesman who has financial problems, will teach you how important it is to trust yourself and not let circumstances ruin the possibility of achieving your dreams.

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