6 reasons why employees leave

There are situations affecting such workers, that they end up giving up a company; it is important to identify those situations.

Managers today must be aware of the factors driving time flight staff and once detected these factors work to fight to maintain the productive staff within the company.

The most common reasons why employees choose to leave a particular job are:

1. Projection:

One of the most cited in cases of resignation reasons. If the employee perceives that can no longer put up, face new challenges and learn new skills, you will surely look elsewhere yes you provide these opportunities.

2. Salary:

Stagnation in the wage paid to the worker is a reason for his resignation. If you have not received an increase in recent months or years, it is natural to seek better paid employment in the same level and in the same area. Or that when offered, decides to leave.

3. Work Overload:

Apparently a phenomenon in recent years. For companies to feel the effects of the economic crisis, reduced staff to stay afloat in the adverse situation, turning a work previously done by two or three people in the responsibilities of a. Over time, the worker suffers excessive load and opts against.

4. Motivation:

When employees feel that their contributions are nothing to the company, and that their work and their views are not taken into account is likely to eventually resign. When the company has no clear direction or his superiors did not show him where he is headed their work, often the employee leaves.

5. Poor organizational climate:

If a worker is in a tense work environment and full of discussions, tends to waiver. Constant conflicts with peers or frequent nagging boss or higher can make you decide to look for a job with better organizational climate.

6. Quality of life:

It is essential that the work provides an acceptable quality of life, ie, allowing them to have a personal life outside of work harmoniously. If workers do not sleep enough or do not see their families as a result of overwork, is likely to leave the company to prioritize your loved ones will also require time.

These factors call for reflection of senior managers in dealing with its employees; understanding that the employee is a person with needs, feelings and ideas to be heard, because otherwise you could be losing a good human capital.

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