6 Secrets of LinkedIn to Attract New Customers

If you have a business or are starting one, chances are you already have an account on LinkedIn. If not, you should get one right away; LinkedIn can be a great networking tool for your business.

Here we present the 6 essential tips to maximize the use of this network.

Use all available links:

People generally uses only one thing here; the company they work for and the link titled “My Work”. Sure, the link to your company’s good to start, but will waste several marketing opportunities if you get stuck there. Linkear allows you to direct people to wherever they want to take them, giving you the opportunity to send not only your company but to a registration form where they can subscribe to your email list.

Do you connect with competitors:

Allowing your competition, access to the list of people important to you, it makes little business sense. Basically, you’ll be giving your tray Outlook database. However, there are some industries where competitors can also be your suppliers or vendors, so you’ll have to weigh the risk and benefit of allowing them to be part of your network.

Have a consistent brand across all social networks:

Part of a group of people together to discuss how to make a consistent branding using tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Discuss a communication strategy social networking, because the message of your company can become inconsistent if each of your employees use their personal style to present information in the organization.

Create and save a search:

Choose the keywords that will be most beneficial and create a search for those terms, allows LinkedIn notify you when someone who meets these criteria into your network. “For example, as architects design building that eventually need furniture, I always interested in maintaining a relationship with members of the architectural community,” writes Breibarth. “So save a search of the architect and architectural keywords to direct my geographic market, is likely to lead to business opportunities in the future.”

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Take advantage of the status updates:

Status updates are one of the most powerful features of this network. Update your status several times a week. Similar to Twitter, this feature allows you to post your profile and your network. There are people who choose to receive a weekly newsletter with the activity of your contacts and there can see yours. If you choose well who choose to form your base of contacts, you might have great business opportunities, to post what you do, where you do and different content of value.

Box.net files can help you build credibility:

These files allow users to upload files to PDF, Excel or Word to your profile and others to see. “It’s a great tool to publish white papers, articles, photos of your projects or products, testimonials from your customers or other documents that will increase your credibility and usefulness”.