6 Tips to shine with your resume

6 Tips to shine with your resume
A curriculum vitae , also known as CV, should be marketing a product able to arouse the reader’s interest to know the owner of this document, explained to the Forbes website, experts James Borland and Eileen Wolkstein. Who also added that the resume should tell a compelling story. In search of these principles include on your resume , we tell you what advice you should follow are.
Follow these 6 tips to shine with your resume:

Develop a resume: 1- If you go to turn to an expert

If the design of your resume will you turn to an expert, it is important that it be clear about the principles that govern your industry, to develop a document that comports with them.

Develop a curriculum vitae: 2- Writing the resume yourself

The expert advice can be very useful, but the curriculum must write it yourself. Keep in mind that HR professionals have extensive experience in the field, so they will soon realize that the document was written by a professional or by the candidate himself.

We also recommend the following:

Develop a resume: 3- Summary of personal branding and skills

must start with a brief summary that clearly describe your personal brand, and also include the three main reasons why an employer should hire you.

Develop a resume: 4- List of achievements

If you work for the same company years, a good strategy is to use a bullet to mention the major achievements you have earned during that period.

Develop a resume: 5- Awards and Recognition

must devote a section to mention all the prizes or awards you have received so far during your career.

Develop a resume: 6- Adapting the curriculum vitae

is never advisable to use a piece of generic life, therefore, you should tailor the document in relation to the requirements of the position you want to present.