6 Ways to Choose Your Dream Job

Most of us, when it comes to choosing a career have doubts over what we’d want to become. Given the Indian Education System, this is not new for with this system, most of us don’t get chances to explore themselves. As a result, we end up going for careers that are not up to our taste. Every one of us has a hidden talent and if only we discover that talent and nourish it by opting the career of our choice, our profession would not become a chore for us. People who go for the careers they want never feel that they are working, for they enjoy their work so much.

If you find yourself trapped in a career which is so not your type, this is the time to make a decision and step out of it. Your frustration and boredom with your current job will change the minute you change your career and find the right one. However, to make sure that you don’t end up making the same mistake twice, you need to chalk out a plan so that you can avoid further frustration. This article is your very own guide in chalking out a 6 step plan to a career transition of your own type.

Exciting Parts of Your Current Job

There will be some aspects of your current job that you might love. They can range from meeting new people to travelling around the globe. You should make a list of all the things you enjoy in your present career. This will help you find a career which you love.

Pinpoint the Demotivating Factors

Dig for the factors that especially frustrate and annoy you. Usually, it is the monotony of your job that has you so agitated, however this is not the only factor. People who are introverts would hate going out and meeting people. In the same case, people who are extroverts would hate a desk job where they have to sit all day and work. Focusing on the demotivating factors will help you eliminate jobs which are not up to your standard.

Go for Part-Time Job

When you start work from the scratch, nobody would be willing to hire you so easily. Therefore, it is best if you do voluntary work or a part-time job. In the beginning you might even have to work for free. Once you have done a few part-time jobs and built up some experience, the game will be in the bag. Remember, this is all a part and parcel of finding a new job which you enjoy. You might have to do a few odd jobs in order to get your dream job. These odd jobs are just a step to the career of your own choice and they will help you accumulate a lot of experience. Experience counts a lot when it comes to applying for a job and without it, no one would be willing to hire you. Remember that career transition is not a smooth sailing. You will need to invest a lot of your time and energy before you find your dream job but the sacrifice is worth it.

Go Easy on Your Pocket

Since you’ll be starting from the scratch, it will be a while before you get an opportunity which is cash-loaded. Therefore, you should reserve some money in the bank so that you can bid away your time working part-time. This will save you from accepting the first offer that comes your way. Part-time jobs will not only help you accumulate experience but they will also help you accumulate money so that you don’t have to worry about financial problems.


Analyze your Career till date

It is of the utmost significance that you analyze your career up till now. This will give you an idea of what you like and what you dislike. For you, frequent job changes due to distance might be a hindrance especially when your home is not in the proximity. In the same way for others, diversity in their schedule could be the thing they love the most.

Get to Know People

Once you are clear about the type of career you want, get first hand advice from the people of that profession. The first step is – get to know such people. You can also do this online by making a profile on LinkedIn. This will help you connect with relevant people and help you choose your dream job.


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