7 Ideas To Bringing Traffic Towards Website And Keeping It There constant

To avoid having ‘holes’ in the website, and start retaining traffic onto it, it’s important to realize why many techniques fail, and start rethinking the website marketing strategies. All this with the aim of stopping the ‘water from flowing out of the bucket’. This means searching for ways to reduce bounce rates or to make visitors more interested in the website’s content.

These are 7 ways of plugging in the holes that retain traffic on a website:

1. Headlines that attract visitors

When people need a quick answer or a solution to their problems, they generally search for online content that can easily respond to their needs. In order for this to happen, the landing website page has to be able to quickly grab their attention and make them read on. An attention-grabbing headline has the ability to do this, assuring visitors they are on the right track.

2. Emotional Direct Response Copywriting

After using an appropriate headline, the website owner has to make sure that the rest of the content will not fail the visitor’s expectations, but will encourage him/her to keep reading. At the same time, it will maintain their attention high.This is called Emotional Direct Response Copywriting and it should be used particularly on a website’s Homepage.

3. An appealing designWeb Site Traffic

Little details such as white writing on a black background, dense writing with not enough space between the letters, or even bold or italics styles can create a very confusing impression to the eye of the reader. This will most likely determine them to click back and leave the website.

It’s very important to have a clean design outlook, apart from having a good headline, because visitors will not continue reading if the layout of a certain page gets too confusing for them to follow,and they don’t know which way to look.

4. Avoiding external links

Using external site links on a homepage is not a good idea for website owners, because visitors might click on one of those links and leave the website. It is much like promoting other people’s websites, instead of the one that needs to be promoted. For example, a good alternative is the YouTube ‘Subscribe’ button that can be embedded on the site. The visitors will not have to physically leave the website in order to subscribe and follow someone.

5. The idea of social proof

Another great way of encouraging people to stay on a website is by using the already-famous Facebook ‘Like’ box, which can be very appropriate for the majority of businesses or a niches. What the Facebook ‘Like’ box does, is that it shows the faces of the people that web visitors are actually connected to; in other words, it recommends the website to other people by proving that their peers like and trust the business behind the website.

6. Using internal links

It is a very simple tactic used to connect different pages to each other so when people who are reading an article on that specific website might click a link from within the article and land on another page from the same website and continue reading. Including internal links to other pages in the website is a great way to strengthen the site in the eyes of Google, because it gives it more authority, according to the number of visitors the website has.

7. A strong Call-To-Action

Having a strong CTA refers to telling people what they should be doing next. It’s important to be very clever when addressing a person (a visitor). The use of strong words will make them accept an offer or make a purchase. For example, rather than just using the word ‘Submit’, it is better to say ‘Get Free Access To..’, and be more precise about the offer.


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