7 Keys to generate an effective working agenda

7 Keys to generate an effective working agenda
Develop a list of requirements, tasks and goals, optimizing resources. Meet work goals is no easy task. Much less if there were clarified. Therefore it is necessary to have a working agenda that converge needs, tasks and goals with assignments in the short, medium and long term.

It may take a little time and effort at first, but once that agenda is assembled, will allow to operate more efficiently and effectively. Then you simply need to review and update.

How to do it?


Prioritize tasks and assign its duration. Set aside those that are not productive, if anything can be taken at times of light activity. Highlight important dates and periods prior to these milestones. This way you can post the time more accurately and determine the scope of the project.


It seems obvious, but many take for granted, assuming the point of where they are going, but do not have really clear. Focus on activities that add value and enable them to meet business


Encourage the integration of the team. Let involved to submit proposals and express their complaints, concerns and needs and generate innovative solutions. The greater teamwork exists,
the better the results.

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Attend to know your staff, they are more than academic qualifications and previous work experience. Be observant, interact and place them in positions commensurate with their potential. Many serve better for long-term goals while others operate to resolve crisis.


Think of possible situations that may interfere with achieving your goals and how you react to them. So they will not take by surprise and you could win in resources.


You already have everything on paper, now allocate resources. See how far the project and each of the tasks is feasible.


Start as soon as possible. Remember that if a plan is not put into practice never existed. The errors committed serve as lessons for future projects.