7 Simple Tips for Success 7 days

7 Simple Tips for Success 7 days
To achieve the goals it is important to be handled with discipline, consistency and perseverance that will translate into habits. Then they lead to success. To reach success requires great efforts, but rely on small everyday tasks. Each will add up and when you least expect and will be routed to the coveted destination.

The basic recipe consists of discipline, consistency and constancy, which conjugate and applied over time become a solid foundation. To achieve sufficient:

Waking up early

While there are rhythms individuals, the human body is designed to pay day. When you wake up early pays more because brain connections tend to engage better in the morning.

Good breakfast

When we got came from a cycle of cell recovery that has consumed much energy. Eating balanced promote good health and therefore the proper functioning of the body. Also, eating one serving upon waking and another at midmorning help maintain constant flow of energy. Any recommendations? Fruits, honey, cereals, coffee, chocolate, flour (not fried).

Having habits, but not routine a organized

This involves generating similar daily activities planned, so there is some repetition of processes but not fall into boring. Try putting together a calendar so you can visualize everything.

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Do not let accumulate

Free yourself of tasks whenever you can, do not let it as they not only will cause delays and fatigue, but also motivation.

Respect your free time

Rate these moments when you are the master of your time and do not let anything it invades.  Learn to say no and start recreational activities.

Search motivation and inspiration

Dedicate yourself to building your “enhanced” and think of ways to grow as a person or supporting causes. The good energy inspires you to continue working to create something that can input and networking.


Both leisure time with sleep are important in helping the brain recover. Your hours sleep in a comfortable bed with loose clothing in a tidy and pleasant temperature. Negotiate with your partner down the lights go out at a certain time.