Each of the tips  that follow are useful for any company and in any budget. On the screen:
1) Use a striking and original name. One of the mistakes that most small businesses make is to use names other companies already possess. When your company is growing, whether it is officially registered or not, should not use a name that another company already has, with which it can not secure Web domain name (.com, .net, .org), or if difficult to pronounce or spell. Maybe in the beginning this is minor, but for a more global perspective will be very important to the extent that your business grows in the future.

2) Use the company name in your email . The most common way to communicate is through email, so you can use it to create brand identity. Attaching to email the name and logo of the brand with a special reminder you can increase the possibility of being referred by others and to have the information to hand when you need it.

3) Customize the background of your social networks. The focus of the new users of your Web page or social networking profile is captured in the first three seconds after entran.¡Cree an impact! A picture says a thousand words and a good background can give credibility, build brand awareness and stimulate a response. It need not be anything fancy but must be consistent.

Before audiences:

4. Use note cards with your brand. When speaking before a group normally use tabs for notes? Create your own style of cards moderators as Rachel Ray, Oprah Winfrey and Jerry Springer use in their TV shows.

You can use tokens notes 5×7 and side print the logo of your company and the other side print or write notes to use during your presentation. Thus, less distracted cards and create greater connection with his speech. Moreover, its polished and professional image will look better in photos. And speaking of photos …

5. Dress for the occasion. Wear clothing that is consistent with the color palette of your company. If your colors are purple and white, put a purple scarf and use a black armband. It is not always adequate to fully dress the color of their brand (for example, if the color is lime green or electric blue) but you can use small details that give evidence of the brand in a subtle and intelligent manner.

On the street:

6. Create your own label. Have you ever attended events where you have to place a label on his jacket with his name? Or ever happened to you misspelled your name or place it in a size that is difficult to read?

You can achieve excel if always carries a personalized name tag. Use a template for logos you can create in nametagexpress.com and place the company logo at the top followed by your name and your website and voila! Although some do not have the opportunity to speak directly with you, know who and where to get it.

7. Bring a bag line. The big companies like Whole Foods, Kenneth Cole and Barnes and Noble are responsible for all the people who shop at their stores out with a bag touting their services. Why? This is free advertising. Similarly, you can create a custom bag with your company logo to promote it!

You can make a sports bag, briefcase or messenger bag for 20 or $ 40 at stores like cafepress.com and vistaprint.com. This will create curiosity, give the impression of a “big business” and generate conversations.