8 great success stories of entrepreneurs

If you really want to start a business, maybe these cases may inspire and guide your planning.

It never ceases to amaze me how much time people spend looking magical shortcuts to achieve business success as the only ideal way is staring straight: actual real entrepreneurs who start businesses that employ real people and make products and services to its customers.

I know it’s difficult, involves a lot of work, but that’s life. Furthermore, sees the bright side: you do what you want it your way. There are only a trap, you have to start somewhere. The ideas and opportunities are not created from nothing. The only way I know to start is to learn a marketable skill and work hard. In my experience, there is where ideas come and finance partners.

If you want to do well, here are eight stories you’ve probably never heard of renowned companies.

Pierre Omidyar.

In 1995, a computer programmer to get things started on your website. AuktionMasters, as it was formerly known, was a personal project, but when the amount of traffic increased, it was necessary to create an account online and Omidyar had to start charging some people for the service. In fact, he hired his first employee to take charge of these payments are made. This site is now known as eBay.

John Ferolito and Don Vultaggio.

In the 70s, a couple of friends from Brooklyn created a beer distributor in the back of a bus. Two decades later, to see how well it was going to Snapple, they decided to try to make sweet drinks and launched AriZona Green Tea . Today, this brand is number one in the US and is distributed worldwide. These friends are still owners of the company.

Matt Maloney and Mike Evans.

This couple was in charge of software development in Chicago. They were working on a project and tired of calling restaurants to order your dinner, was when they came up with the idea of having one place to call for food. That’s where we decided to start GrubHub, a company that was unveiled last year in April and is now worth more than three billion dollars.

Joe Coulombe

After operating a small chain of convenience stores in Southern California, Coulombe had an idea: maybe college wanting something better than the Seven Eleven. So he opened a store with a tropical theme in Pasadena full of good wine and other drinks, good employees hired and paid well. Added more locations near universities, healthy food and so Trader Joe’s how it started.

Howard Schultz.

A trip to Milan gave him the idea to a young salesman who worked for a coffee shop in Seattle to improve the quality of espresso as they did in Italy. His boss did not feel like owning several cafes, but agreed to finance the idea of Schultz. So he sold the business name Starbucks.

Phil Robertson.

There was a man who loved to hunt ducks, while he preferred to do that instead of playing for the NFL. He invented a duck call, started his own company called Duck Commander, possibly Willy put his son in charge and that led to an empire of media and merchandising empire called Duck Dynasty.

Konosuke Matsushita.

success stories of entrepreneurs
success stories of entrepreneurs

In 1917, in Japan, a student of 23 years who had no formal education working in Osaka Electric Light Company. Came up with the idea of making improved light. His boss was not interested, so the young Matsushita began making samples in his basement. Then he tried bicycle lamps that run on batteries and other electronic products. Matsushita Electric, as it was known until 2008 when the company officially changed its name to Panasonic, now worth 66 billion dollars.

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.

Although they had been friends since high school, these two young men who left the university received recognition in the world of computing for working on a game on Atari. The third founder of Apple, Ron Wayne, was also a student there.

As I have always said, the world is full of endless possibilities and great opportunities, but your life and career are limited, which means you have some time to start and leave your mark on the world. This is your time, do not lose it. Find something you like and do it, that’s how they start the real entrepreneurs.

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