8 large companies that started at home

large companies
large companies

8 large companies that started at home

In many cases, the garage, so forgotten that place becomes a space of inspiration and creativity of great ideas. Some people use it as a deposit, others use the space to play musical instruments or have parties.

What you probably did not know is that it also can be used for creating big business. firstaidforhealth.com shows you a list of 8 large companies that started in the garage and are fairly recognized today.

Harley Davidson
These big bikes with roaring sounds originated in a garage. William Harley and Arthur Davidson started their venture to design engines for bicycles, however, was curious and ended up building their own bikes.

Dell was not born in a garage, it really started in the room that Michael Dell was in the house of their fathers. It was there that the now billionaire founded his company with one thousand dollars of initial capital.

For those who know the life of Jeff Bezos should know that he began selling books online. And his warehouse where was I? In the garage of the house of their fathers.

Harold Matson, Elliot Handler and his sister Ruth had just graduating from industrial design career. With little capital in hand, began designing picture frames in the garage of the Handler. Then they were encouraged to make dolls, until Ruth came create a doll with adult features, the famous Barbie.

Some already know plenty of Disney history. Walt, after being fired, decides to join his brother Roy to give life to animated characters in the old garage of his parents. The parade of characters created by them is endless.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin had achieved its first major contract. However, his business was referred exclusively to Larry’s room at home with their parents. So with some effort gathered capital for renting the garage of Mrs. Susan Wojcicki. And on to form the company and cashing the first contract.

“Dad, I need the garage,” said one day his father Bill Gates. Mr. Gates had no other that will¬†keep your car on the street every day. And Microsoft, little by little, until he formed the incredible story of partner Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

Just as Gates said his father, was what Steve Jobs asked his. Only Jobs’s father was more daring. Since I had no space for your car, decided to sell and finance the idea of his son . With the available space, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs gave free rein to his imagination.