8 questions you should ask in a job interview


8 questions you should ask in a job interview
When facing a job interview, it is vital to know the questions you should do during the selection process, but not everything is there, as it is also important that you do the questions and that have very clear. This way, you will demonstrate pro-activity and interest and you’ve done your homework at the interviewer, therefore you are prepared to take the job that is offering.

To achieve this, it is necessary:

You read carefully the description and requirements that the job requires
That investigate the company on Internet: Check who is the image of the company, how it is promoted, what products or services you have and they say it in news sites and blogs
What are the most appropriate questions that can be performed in an interview to make a good picture? When you go to a job interview, put on a “smart” way, needless to go “wedding” just well dressed and confident and note the questions you should ask in a job interview :

Questions to ask at a job interview

# 1 What are the responsibilities of everyday life that I must take?

This question helps you discover the role and tasks  in day to day work for which you are interviewing, thus’ll delve into some key areas of work.

# 2 What are the opportunities for training or career plans?

This question has two purposes:
You can check what level is the job and skills need
Prove you’re an ambitious person and like to plan

# 3 What is the greatest challenge currently facing the company?

This question requires you to do what I said above, a preliminary investigation of the company to exchange ideas with the interviewer. It shows your concern towards the company which want to belong and is a good way to connect with the interviewer and check your negotiation skills.

You can also become a very dangerous question whether research has not been done well, but if you do, it is appropriate to continue with questions affecting the department and the person interviewing you.

Question # 4 How long have you worked for your company?

After the interviewer will be asked several questions, it is time to seek empathy with it and allow it to open a little so you can get more information from the company to which you want to belong.

# 5 What are the criteria the company to find the best candidate for this job?

The announcement of the job is to define in a clear manner that seeks candidate for that post, but it is always better to hear it directly from the interviewer. This question helps you find out how is the “ideal candidate”, thus able to say what way you meet these criteria .

# 6 Who will be my immediate boss or who must report if I am the chosen candidate?

This question reveals an interest of respondent know what the internal structure of the company. If you’re going to have more higher, it is important to know what the report as well as the normal functioning of the company, and try to meet them.

# 7 Do you think that I meet the requirements that the company is looking for?

In sales language is a ” trial close ” . It may seem a question a little “beast”, but is a necessary question. If you say yes, that you meet, the next question should be “Is there any reason why you would not give me you work?”. If the answer is that “you need some skill or attribute” then you can support your experience to try the interviewer see that is missing is not as great, or even that he is mistaken.

# 8 How can I explain how it could help the company?

If you really want the job this is a very important question . Normally any interviewer answer yes and immediately need are your strengths to be the candidate.

As it is a question that comes after you have given much information, uses that information and turn it into a speech, highlighting the strengths you have.

Now you know the key questions that you can use in your next job interview . You do not forget to research the company and the person offering the position. Good luck