8 Tips For Distinguishing Your Mobile App

It seemed only yesterday that the App Store first started. Realistically it’s more like 5 years. And with over one and a half million apps in Google Play and the App Store, mobile app marketers face the enormous challenge of getting their apps discovered, with a sustained download rate and ultimately PROFIT. Successfully taking your app to market will require more than strategic mobile buying and compelling, creative advertisements. High performance app marketers have a crystal clear focus on targeted user acquisition, and it’s all about snatching up people who will become loyal to your app… people who take action, such as in-app purchases, registration, social media sharing and word-of-mouth spruikers. It’s these loyal users who will get you your return on investment.

In this article we will explore 8 wicked tips to distinguish your app from the rest of the rubble in the app marketplace:


  • Set Goals For Loyal Users


Exactly what “loyal user” means will vary from app to app. Perhaps the it’s opening your app a certain number of times of completing an in-app purchase, or sharing your app to Facebook/Twitter. But it’s your job to define that goal before you start any user acquisition campaigns. You will also need to determine your lifetime value per customer/user so that you can set the cost per user/conversion targets – for example, how much are you willing to pay for a user whose lifetime value is only $4?


  • Spread Your Marketing Over Several Traffic Sources


There are a number of traffic sources available for mobile apps: real-time bidding exchanges, ad networks, incentivized download networks, and more. using only one (or even just one from each category) doesn’t give you enough traffic to choose from. You will miss out on valuable opportunities to identify the best traffic sources for high volumes of loyal users. Realistically, using several traffic sources can increase your loyal user acquisition results by up to 5 times.


  • Track After-Download Activity


As your user acquisition campaigns are running, it’s important to track the activities of your users AFTER they’ve downloaded your app. They you can link this data back to the traffic source to pinpoint which campaigns are driving your most loyal users, not just downloads.


  • Tweak Ads In Real-time


By measuring real-time data, you can eliminate poorly performing ad spend and shift budget to those traffic sources and campaigns that are bringing you the best results.


  • Use An Automated Campaign Optimisation Solution


Tweaking and optimising ad campaigns based on after-download actions can be tough, but there are automated solutions available at your fingertips. If you’re not big on reading analytics you can use Automated Campaign Optimisation Solutions to manage a huge matrix of ad networks, creative, costs, downloads, and conversion rates, on the fly.


  • Conduct ongoing closed-loop analysis.


On-going and never ending marketing campaign performance analysis, for after-download user activity, and revenue-return allows you to clearly identify where you’re making your wins. It’s important to delve into the analytics on the regular to tweak the performance of your campaigns with low level marketing objectives.


  • Conduct a loyal user acquisition test.


If you’re still not sure that targeting your marketing efforts to loyal users will produce results then we can fix that pretty easily. Set us a test by assigning a portion of your overall marketing budget to a test campaign that uses the strategies outlined above. You’ll gain valuable insight into how the loyal acquisition strategy impacts your return on investment in comparison to your current strategy.


  • Compare Your Campaign Performance Against Industry Averages


The quickest way to increase your mobile app marketing results is to understand the competitive landscape your throwing your budget at.

The best way to improve your mobile marketing results is to more precisely understand the competitive landscape you’re pouring your budget into. By comparing your app marketing performance against the industry averages you’ll get to see the bigger picture of the trends impacting your marketing goals, allowing you to make changes and adapt your plan with more agility.mobile apps

Marketing isn’t guess work anymore. It’s about deploying strategies that have been proven to work, and testing them out over several weeks, whilst constantly making tweaks to improve their performance. By testing a number of different traffic sources, you can quickly work out what sources work best for you and where you should be allocating your marketing budget.

By Logan T Merrick