81 basic list of questions for job interview


81 basic list of questions for job interview
The following list of questions will be helpful for preparing your next job interview, whether you are in the position of interviewer or interview:

Questions about the educational background of the interview

      1. What studies conducted and because the elected?
      2. Could you repeat your choice of studies if I were to start?
      3. Highlight the qualifications possessed that fits the post
      4. Are you willing to complete his training as required?
      5. What languages ​​already know what level?
      6. Would you accept conditional remuneration to the progress of your training?

Questions about the professional past

    1. Tell me about your professional experiences
    2. What was the last place he has played?
    3. Why did I leave the last job?
    4. Did everything he has done so far, what he likes and why?
    5. Questions regarding the reason for the request
    6. Why would like to get precisely this job and not another?
    7. What caught his eye in the notice or the notice he had about his existence?
    8. What do you think can you contribute?
    9. What you think you can improve working with us?
    10. What do you think can you give us if you have professional experience?
    11. Questions about behavior at work
    12. How would you like to work: just? What team? Did you indifferent?
    13. Why prefer to work in a team?
    14. Why prefer to work alone?
    15. What experience does the teamwork?
    16. Has easily integrated into a workgroup?
    17. Prefer to form a group with people who previously have friends?
    18. Do you think that, with some exceptions, professional and personal friendship do not mix?
    19. Do you tend to agree, discuss or systematically doubt the instructions of their superiors?
    20. Do you trust or doubt generally on the effectiveness of the other fellow?
    21. How accepts the disciplinary rules ?: convincingly, as a necessary evil, as an imposition?
    22. What about previous employers?

Questions about the project applicant

    1. What are your short, medium and long term?
    2. Why do you think you are the best person for the job?
    3. What merits or strengths you can provide advantages over other candidates?

Questions concerning the personal situation of the candidate

    1. Can join immediately?
    2. Are you willing to relocate?
    3. You do not mind having to travel frequently?
    4. Do you have your own car?
    5. Are you a homeowner?
    6. Do you have any additional occupation, whether gainful or not?
    7. Do you have other offers alternative work?
    8. Do you have any outside work, business, labor, cultural, sporting, artistic, community politics …?
    9. Do you have any family business ?: own activity, property management, land cultivation, private lessons.
    10. What hobbies do you have for your leisure? What the ranks?
    11. What other hobbies unable to develop and aspires to do in the future?
    12. Do you have many friends?

Questions about personality

    1. What are your best qualities? Describe three main
    2. What are your faults? Describe three main
    3. If you have to decide is it impulsive or reflective?

Questions about the marital status of the respondent

    1. What is your marital status?
    2. What conditions should be met for you and your family consider who has had professional success?
    3. Do you have completed military service?
    4. Does marriage plans?
    5. Do you have children?
    6. What are you currently doing?
    7. If you are married does your spouse work? Can produce any incompatibility his new job with the work of your spouse?
    8. What his family of his candidacy and his new job think?
    9. If you live with a family member have you thought about the possible difficulties that may affect you?

Questions about retribution

    1. How earned in his previous job?
    2. What is the minimum that meets your current needs?
    3. Is it really the most important economic factor in your decision?
    4. Have you assessed other benefits such as security, transportation, dining, housing, hours, holidays …?

Other questions

    1. What do you expect from your life?
    2. What is the most important to you? Why?
    3. How are you approaching you moments of boredom in your life? What is the title of the most important book you’ve read?
    4. What is the best movie you’ve seen?
    5. What do you consider more beautiful in person?
    6. How to manifest their friendship to others?
    7. What is most sacred to you?
    8. Did you feel isolated? Why?
    9. What more wonderful for you?
    10. Is it easy Trusting? How do they manifest?
    11. What is for you the best TV show?
    12. If you could become an animal, what would you choose? Why?
    13. What is the image you have of yourself? If you destroy something could, why destroy? Why?
    14. What is the worst injury you may cause someone? Why?
    15. What do you intend to make in the next 10 years?
    16. How could summarize in one word your life?
    17. What is the strongest emotion you’ve had?
    18. What is your biggest concern today?
    19. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
    20. What is the worst tragedy that you have lived?
    21. Do you feel safe / a? Why?
    22. What are the people who have most influenced your life?
    23. How do you see social injustice?

And finally,

Questions regarding your career

  1. What were the accomplishments he has achieved in his previous jobs?

(if the interviewee describes the responsibilities in your previous posts, you must redirect to specify “his
accomplishments”, ie, what is it that actually achieved in each position?)

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