9 Amazing Facts about Kissing

9 Amazing Facts about Kissing
Kissing is one of the most intimate, sensual and entertaining actions you can do with another person. And admittedly a good kiss can turn a lot more time. But behind kissing much more, we invite you to 9 interesting facts about them.

According to anthropologists, 90% of people do kissing. But a kiss have the same meaning for everyone. The customs about kissing vary according to social context, geographic location and gender.
To kiss the orbicularis muscle, which is responsible for making the mouth as ‘duck’ is concerned. The science that studies the kiss (yes, there is an area that takes care of that!) Is called filematologia.
Kissing for a minute you can burn up to 26 calories, so enjoy this rich dessert, which you can then forget kisses.
The world record for the longest kiss is Tiranarat Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat, both Thais, the last 58 hours, 35 minutes 58 seconds kissing.
On average, two-thirds of people bow their heads to the right before a kiss.
Some believe that this trend begins while we are in the womb of our mothers.
Some studies have shown that men will live longer if kissing his wife before leaving for work … is it?
Although we kissed look something super common standard, there are places in America where kisses are illegal … wow!