9 Facebook tricks you did not know | Computer Tips and Tricks

1. Scheduled messages are not all at the computer at scheduled times in which you have to publish messages to be more successful , so it is best left unplanned, How? Using the programming tool that provides the social network . Importantly, this action can only be made ​​from the platform if you have a business page . If you want to schedule posts on your profile other tools in free versions as Hootsuite . Anyway, as we said, if you have a business page, you will have to write a post and give the clock that appears just below your post. Then you will have to specify the day, month, year and time . When you have it, click on the calendar and your publication will be scheduled.

2. Download your photos If you want to get a copy of your photos to Facebook , you can use the program Pick’n’Zip . When you get into your website, you have to select albums or photos you want and when you have it, you give Downland ( Download ).

3. Create a secret group to create publications in Facebook that only want to see friends , go to the left side of your profile. Click where it says Create Group . Then create a window opens. Give it a name and invite your closest circle of friends . Finally, set the privacy to secrecy . Now, only members that you invited to this group will select publications. That is, he did not even appear in the search bar above. From this point, his publications will only be seen by their users.

4. Choose who you want to chat appear connected How many times have you opened a conversation and not someone you wanted to talk to him? That is about to end because now you who you decide who they want to be seen online . What you have to do is click on the settings that are below the chat , the icon that looks like a wheel. Then, give Advanced Settings and click Enable chat to friends only . There, enter the name of the lucky ones with which you want them to see you connected and … Done!

5. Set Pirate English Facebook Why settle only with the classic Spanish English, French or? We can also make Facebook show us all his Pirate English terminology . To do this, you can go to the Settings of your profile, found by clicking on the top left arrow . Then click on Language and put it in Inglés Pirate . The LIKE is transformed into ‘ Arr! ‘ and messages are sent ‘ Through a bottle ‘.

6. Post text backwards If you’re looking to be original and turn it over to your messages , you can always use all kinds of tools out there on the Internet . In this case, we will use Fliptext to publish everything you write upside down. It is so simple to use and copy and paste what you want to write.

7. Edit your post after post Do you mistyped the caption or any publication you? Edit it is as simple as clicking on the pencil icon to your comment, image or post and give OK .

8. Create and manage your friend lists on the page Home , find the section Friends on the side left and click More . Then click Create List and specify a name. Finally, introducing the people you want to be in this group and hit Create . From now on, you can have all your contacts organized on Facebook .

9. Disable messages or friends pages Sometimes pages are exceeded with messages of their publications and become overwhelming. Even our own friends. To stop following them you can go to one of their publications . Then click on the arrow located in the upper corner of it, and hit ‘Unfollow …’