9 keys to being a good boss | career tips | career advice

Key to being a good boss # 1: Show respect One of the most appreciated qualities in any work environment is respect. However, there are leaders who act as if his colleagues did not have courage and tell them things like “If they go or stay the same to me, since there are thousands of unemployed people eager to find a job “or” If you are not satisfied, you can walk out that door “out.

Similarly, a boss shows disrespect towards his subordinates when he speaks ill of them with other heads because, sooner or later, everyone in the office or enterprise will learn. In these cases, it is not strange that affected employees resign or simply have a low yield.

Nor should a boss call attention to an employee using bad words because, that way, also is disrespecting him. Always handle in a professional tone.

Key to being a good boss # 2: Delegating is important that all chief learn to delegate as an office is not where you file a paper without the order of the head is a problem not only for the organization that is delayed in performing their daily activities, but also for subordinates who feel undervalued.

While it is true that by delegating the risk that errors committed partner runs, the boss can reduce this possibility informing the person what is expected of her, and how he is doing. Also, the chief must set goals and provide feedback on the performance.

In this way, employees will gain confidence and be self-sufficient in performing the delegated task and thus, the head a weight off will be removed.
Key to being a good boss # 3: Be attentive to his colleagues Leaders must not only be aware of the performance of their employees but also details like their birthday if they have a new baby, among others, and that this attitude helps improve the quality of life of the employee.
Key to being a good boss # 4: Praise correctly When an employee has done a good job, it is important that the boss compliments to feel recognized and motivated to keep going.

However, it is wrong to praise and then indicate an error such as the following case: “Excellent report, but you delivered a day late” because it neutralizes the effect.
Key to being a good boss # 5: Correct properly . It is important to eliminate negative behaviors that could have a particular partner immediately, because if it is not done, it is likely than their peers to copy For example, if the employee Juan 45 minutes talking on the phone with his girlfriend every day and your boss does not draw attention to him, it is likely that others do the same.
Key to being a good boss # 6: Maintain good communication Communication is a key element in all relationships including boss-employee. Avoid at all times “I believe” or “I think”.

Therefore, it is important to conduct regular meetings to keep employees abreast of relevant information to perform their duties.

The communication process also involves listening. The boss should listen to our employees and to guide them to reach the solution of different problems that may arise.

It is important to remember that the constant and fluid communication not only helps the worker to feel that their work is meaningful and important but also have a positive impact on firm performance.
Key to being a good boss # 7: No rewarded with more work The head should not provide the most efficient and fast subordinate work that others have failed to comply because, somehow, is punishing the efficient worker and rewarding mediocre .

It is therefore not surprising that the best partner begins to be slower and less efficient to avoid the additional burden.
Key to being a good boss # 8: share success and have team spirit believes that the success of one is the success of all. Companies (like the football teams) can not be made ​​of individualism.

Key to being a good boss # 9: Take initiative . That is, have the ability to display entrepreneurial behavior, initiating and promoting the necessary changes with energy and a great deal of personal responsibility.