9 reasons why the iPhone seems to us better than Android

9 reasons why the iPhone seems to us better than Android
Although this is a very hackneyed theme on many occasions, never tire of face iPhone vs Android. Let’s check nine aspects for which iPhone seems better than Android.

We return once again to the eternal struggle between iPhone and Android, talking about various aspects for which the Apple smartphone is the best option. Before going to comment on the nine points we believe that the iPhone stands out more, we must say that not everything is better.
Android has several higher aspects, like iPhone has several aspects that we like better than Android .

But in this race are nine things we wanted to highlight the iPhone and that we will detail below.

iPhone has the best apps first

This is not always the case, there are exceptions, but as a rule always has iPhone applications before Android . Although the iPhone market is smaller than that of the Android, developers prefer to always throw the first and iOS applications.

These applications can also be found in Android, but its design and features, sometimes worse.

A better design

At this point there would be differences, because they can get a taste of each user. But it is noteworthy that Apple always stands out in the design of their phones , with a different concept that even other brands like Samsung Xiaomi or have in mind for your new smartphone.

Although it has not yet come to Spain, but will do soon, Apple Pay is becoming gradually more popular system of mobile payments.

Your success is found in thousands of locations available and that is its use is very simple and easy to understand . Now only hope you get to Spain, but the international deployment of Apple Pay may occur in March .

Customer Care Apple Store

In terms of customer Apple plays with great advantage. Where do you go if your Android phone has a problem? Do not choice but to call the phone company you have hired or talk to the service of the mark is, usually by phone.

For Apple you can go to the apple store catches you closer to home, talk to the service technician face to face and present your problem.

iPhone and automation

The Apple platform HomeKit begin to emerge this year , as manufacturers of home automation devices start manufacturing products that work with this technology.

HomeKit is a platform created specifically to control various aspects of your home, such as lights, heating or other appliances from your iPhone and iPad. Sure we will have many compatible devices HomeKit before the end of the year.

Parental Control

With iOS8 Apple has added a new feature called “Sharing Family” , with which you can share applications, books and other content through different iOS devices your family.

This feature also allows you to restrict certain applications or content, not suitable for your children and acts as parental control.

The Touch ID fingerprint sensor

While Samsung and HTC have tried adding a similar sensor, none of them have the same utility, and is as sensitive as the Touch Apple ID.

Apple bought the company Autentec , responsible for making the best fingerprint sensors for mobile devices. If something like Apple, in this case the fingerprint sensors, buy it.

The camera

There are few Android phones equaling iPhone camera, although we have found that camera Nexus 6 is better than the iPhone 6 .

But besides having a great camera, there is a rumor that Apple could incorporate a new camera in the next iPhone 7 or 6s, rivaling SLR cameras.

The SO always updated

In this respect little or nothing to do Android and have to give all our pleasure to Apple. iOS will always be a more updated Android software for the simple fact that all devices have the latest Apple operating system, except that it is a very old device. We have known that iOS 8.2 may arrive in March , before the start of the Watch.

There is such a variety of device and Android fragmentation so that many smartphone, despite being practically new, run out of the latest operating system from Google. In addition we must add layers of customization of some telephone companies that do not always update their smartphone to the latest operating system from Google.

So far nine points we wanted to highlight the iPhone, because we feel superior to Android and we have known thanks to BGR . Are you convinced? Do you think we forget something important? You can leave your impressions in the comments, whether you agree with what we discussed, as if you think Android is better at some points we have highlighted.