A dozen tips for being a good commercial

A dozen tips for being a good commercial
Today the labor market is rife with job offers from companies seeking business to sell their products. As is logical to find a good professional is not easy because the market itself is saturated in turn commercial (professional or not). If you’re shopping and you want to improve your marketability, follows each of these tips and see how you increase your sales exponentially.

1. First impression: Key

A Chinese proverb says “the first 10 words to a customer are more important than the next 10,000.” Take the first interview with the client to convince him that you are his best option.

2. Ask, ask and ask …

Everyone has the preconceived idea that the best commercial is that person who talks incessantly, super outgoing … ERROR !! Ask questions nonstop since will give you all the information necessary to close the sale later. But never ask for asking questions always with a clear goal, get all the information possible.

3. Know your customer

It is important to know much about your client, it does, a dedicated; show him throughout the interview with him and gain much ground. The customer must always feel important and valued.

4. Create expectations

Sticking to what has been offered to the customer is the minimum to comply with it. Always go one step further. The client, believe me, in these times simply amazed !! When and how will depend on you, but surprise her.

5. Keyword: Trust

You will sell if and only if you earn the trust of your customer. You can be the cheapest, the most beautiful, innovative product, but if you do not win the trust of your customer does not sell anything. How to do this? … Meets whenever your word, do not be late, smiles, good morning, be polite …

6. Customize your offer

The best sellers are the Chinese and they said “The Customer is King”; so, the client needs to feel important, something as simple as putting the name of your client’s offer, your logo in full color, things like that are actually numerous details to your client, but does not say, thank you.

7. It offers a test

The client try your product is a very interesting option to attract customers. Mind you, I finish this trial

being a good commercial
being a good commercial

period ensures that not only gratify you verbally offered at that time your best proposal, one that is irresistible because now the client is in need of your product.

8. Always think positive

Regardless of how the market is, you always have to be positive. The contagious be what surely infect the client. Transforms the difficulties needs.

9. Know your product to perfection

You have to be familiar with your product, what you sell and offer. It will allow, among other things, answer and get away from any questions that make you the customer and, above all, put yourself in his position in the closing of the sale to become his “perfect partner” and all counsel.

10. Maintain control of the sale

It is important to stay calm in situations of disgruntled customers or negative. Take the initiative and, above all, make the customer believe that it is he who takes the upper hand when actually it has the situation under total control is you.

11. Talk to the right person

It is a very common mistake to begin the process of addressing the person selling unsuitable or one that does not make the final decision. Do not fall into this error, always be sure to talk with the final decision maker, you will save much effort and time, and time is money.

12. Never criticize competition

This is the standard error of unsafe commercial. However bad competition, avoids talking bad about her, do the same but praising your product / service compared to theirs. Remember the slogan “competition is good, but I’m better”

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