A dozen tricks to speak better in public

A dozen tricks to speak better in public
Public speaking is something everyone, sooner or later we have to do. From when we take a blackboard in class, oral exams, job interviews or speeches or presentations more or less elaborate, for all is a first time … and a second … and … But as with most things, there is nothing that can not be improved with a little practice and a few simple tricks, so here are a dozen of them that helped me improve my public exhibitions:

1. Check the nerves

Everyone gets nervous when he has to talk, sing, perform before an audience. All. But there’s something you should know: your audience does not notice how nervous you are.
Try it: Record yourself and look at yourself. You seem much safer than you think when you walk in the same scene.

2. Hands

If you do not know what to do with them, rather than having them in the pockets is to have a pen in his hands. You hold a pen also will provide some security.

3. Dry Mouth? No thanks!

tricks to speak better in public
tricks to speak better in public

If you know you’re gonna get to talk, go hydrated (and also gone to the toilet). Have on hand a bottle of water. If this option fails, you can resort to trick almendruco: think of a lemon. Think cut it in half and tell me how you walk secreting saliva.

4. Prepare the topic

Naturally, you will feel more secure the higher your knowledge on the subject of you will talk. While you’re tired of having the same thing every day, looking for new sources, renew your examples, you will feel more comfortable and the more comfortable you feel, cooler will be your speech.

5. If a speech …

Drawn as close to as you speak. The more the writing and resemble your common language, you will find it easier to read and more natural sound. This advice gave me one radio host whose chronic fascinate me so great about their utterances.

6. If a presentation …

You can turn to carry the key points in “speaking notes” within the presentation itself or, for greater security, on index cards that you will take in hand with the outline of what you are talking and the occasional walk so they do not forget anything that you mean. And, of course, does not pass NOTHING! by looking at the paper or pause.

7. Every gesture communicates

From the position you have to talk to every hair on your head are talking about you while you’re hard at work. No need to resort to hair gel, but have to be aware that everything communicates. Moreover, 80% of language is nonverbal and this goes from how you feel, if you wear or not heels, the intonation of your voice, the volume and the tone …
Try to say “hello how about” smiling , angry, crying, neutral and see what a surprise!

8. pauses and silences

One of the most common trends when we have public speaking is to fill all voice and no. We must be aware of our own breathing and give us a break. Pausing after items and leave a couple of seconds of silence not only is not bad, is it will be more effective in communicating.

9. Look at the eyes

This is tricky. If you are unable to look into the eyes of the people sitting in the two or five forefront of your audience without you laugh without having to picture them naked to stop intimidate or without a shiver down your spine , do not worry! Look at them to an imaginary fixed point in the middle of his forehead. They will notice you’re looking at their faces and yet, you did not notice his scrutiny, which will make you tremble less quills.

10. Thrills

Enter personal anecdotes in your speech. You will be easy to count and your audience will find it exciting how accounts. Playing with emotions as well as your voice and the rest of the language (verbal and nonverbal) is what ultimately result in a well done speech and touch the fiber of your audience. If you do not have own anecdotes, you can resort to a colleague, friend …

11. Trust your chances

If you do not trust you, then who will? The first time you will feel weird, the second slightly less rare, and so on, until that one day in the not miss that point in your stomach before you start talking, but until you feel it will be nice. You can!

12. Practice, practice much

Record yourself on video, make a presentation or speech a thousand times in the mirror, your partner. To whomever, but practiced a lot.

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