A dozen ways to harass an employee

A dozen ways to harass an employee
What is true is that many people taking their defects to the office and is a partner or employee who has to endure them.

1. Tomorrow we talk to you

We often say the one of your superiors, but almost never your direct boss. The objective of this frasezaca to have you around the rest of the day mulling over the ball and thinking what’ve done wrong; therefore your chances of screwing that day are multiplied by a thousand. In most cases that tomorrow never comes and you end up going and not telling you anything.

2. Give more work you can do

This can be done in many ways, from giving you more physical workload to get more hours of work without warning in advance, for example, were going to give three class hours without eating or drinking just giving six.

3. Give little or no work

Just the opposite of the above, in some way relieve you of your duties and raisins to be a remnant that has to be in the workplace, but it has nothing to do.

4.work well below your qualifications

It’s a great way to undermine your self-esteem. Instead of designing a website you get to fill roles, filing invoices and other tasks for which they have been hired or not you are qualified.

5. Do not let you do things that others do allow them

harass an employee
harass an employee

You know when your system compis arrive late, missing because the child has sprained tab, or are caught every day of the universe to own business? For that, you do not ever ask for, because you ask an already tell you that neither tread office.

6. Comparing yourself to other colleagues making you less

This is the same thing as your mother to compare you with any of your brothers who was always smarter, nice, helped him more sympathetic or more at home than you. But this time does your boss, the trouble is that you always compare with the merluzo your housemates. You know that it is simpler than the mechanism of a pacifier, but the boss whistles you because it overshadows? They pos with the same will be compared.

7. Praising

This creates a bad feeling that you shit because sometimes praise one who is your colleague has not only feel bad you but that poor when they are doing the thread just to give you a sack, so goes fatal.

8. publicly humiliate or ridicule

I am a fan of this. Never forget that ye who does this is not a crap, is the following. No matter what you’ve done is bullshit, you’re sure to make clear in front of everyone … it’s bad when you this is not you ashamed or not achieve their objective because revenge is terrible.

9. command you to do something and then tell you that I had asked the opposite

This will not be over a few times. They tell you to do this or that or the other thing and leave you very clear how they want you to do and of course, you and what you do; before ending already you have taken upon which hyenas because you have not understood anything and what they had asked you, My wife was justito Otherwise … what hoyga chance.

10. change your schedule without notice

This does not tell me that is not cool deck. Asin day pa ‘other run your job and this time was not of 8-12, but 3-6 and nobody has kindly communicate it, as if you did not have anything better to do in life that please your higher.

11. Isolating from your peers

Sometimes you make good, great even, but can not isolate yourself from your housemates, they see you being bullied and do not collaborate with the cause. When this is so, start with the old trick of divide and rule and go by cliques and malmetiendo until you run more alone than one.

12. Redo what you’ve done

Do not tell me not fuck a lot when you do a job, whatever it is, and no sooner have you finished somebody comes and redo it entirely because you’re not worth pa ‘na’ canst do na ‘and have to walk behind you as the young children. Well this is all children. Unfortunately many of them are based on real events like in the movies and happen to many people.