A List of Veteran Friendly Jobs That Pays High

So why would anyone want to have retired military jobs? Why would you try to look for veteran friendly jobs if you have received an honorable discharged from the military? Are you having money problems? Is the monthly compensation not enough for your expenses?

Reasons why some veterans looked for veteran friendly Jobs


There are different answers to these questions. Some veterans are just bored at home and want to challenge themselves by taking up veteran friendly jobs. Others are just really young, and they still have the capability to earn more and share their talents to the society; that’s why they look for jobs outside the service. Some veterans have specifically retired in order to look for retired military jobs to utilize why they have learned in the military service in a different field.

High Paying Retired Military Jobs

For some veterans, it is really hard to reintegrate themselves into the society. For some, one of the best ways to get their life back is to work for the society again. That is why even if they are already well compensated, some still look for friendly veteran jobs. For those who are looking for jobs, here is a short list of some of the highest paying retired military jobs available:

Registered Nurse

For those nurses who have served the military force and are now retired veterans, working for a private hospital might be one of the best courses. This is because of the diverse experience, situation and certificates they have. Their services will be highly valued, and they could be well compensated as well.

Intelligence Analyst

Some veterans can’t just leave the field behind. For those who enjoy the thrill of working for force, then maybe joining CIA, FBI or NCIS is the best choice. This job is for them because of their vast experience in the field, this is one of those veteran friendly jobs available for them. This job can entail monitoring enemies, posing as civilians and other jobs that involve tailing subjects.

Technical Manager for IT companies

The military is one of the best training grounds for an IT worker. This is because they are able to learn about and use some really state-of-the-art systems. The experience of a military IT veteran is really valuable, and many IT companies are willing to pay high amount in order to scout for one.


There is a high demand for expert pilots in the aviation field, but only a few civilian pilots are experienced enough to apply for a position. This is because a pilot’s training is really expensive and sophisticated. That is why a veteran pilot with the qualified certification and experience is highly valued. For those who want to earn better, they might opt to offer their services to pilot a privately owned jet rather than commercial airlines though.

Human Resource Manager

A military veteran who worked as a human resource manager might have a really good shot at a large company’s Human Resource Department. This is because of their unique experiences like handling distressed individuals and the fast turnover of military personnel, their training on how to properly deal with racial discrimination and other situations.

These are just some of the high paying veteran friendly jobs available in the society today. A veteran’s experience with handling different stressful situation successfully makes them ideal workers in the corporate world. No wonder there are a number of retired military jobs offered by corporations around the world especially in the field of management.

By Harold F. Fuentes