A New Trend – But Is It Better?

The popularity of online job boards has increased over the last ten years until it seems that most people find their dream careers through this means. Experts, however, are predicting a shift from online job boards to social media venues to find the “perfect job” more quickly while creating lasting relationships and establishing authority in the desired field. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter may have once been simply socially or friend-based, but they have since evolved to be business-oriented platforms for professional development. Is this trend shift better than using online job boards?

Some say that the decline from professionalism into a more relaxed, personable manner of applying and interviewing for jobs is becoming widespread and “normal”, but is that true? While it may seem so on the surface, for any professional to gain rank in his chosen career field, a dedication to professionalism is necessary and applauded by higher ranking members of company boards. Let us not forget that those men and women old and wise enough to be on business boards of trustees are still the old-schoolers, the people who believe in “yes, sir” and in working your way up from the very bottom of the totem pole. This way of thinking has persevered over the years, and for good reason – politeness and dedicated hard work are key elements to making a business last. In learning these attributes, you are guaranteeing success within a company, and as an employee, for a company.

For this reason, the shift from searching online job boards to searching social media platforms, where slang and opinions rule the airwaves may not the be best trend we have seen in the job markets. When employees become relaxed, they become sloppy, and work performance decreases. Learning to remain professional is the first key in not only landing a dream job, but also in helping your company to have long-term success. If you can manage to do so in a social media outlet, all the better, as social media does offer the benefit of increased relationships and help from peers. Unfortunately, many people forget to remain professional when using social media, thus beginning a trend of decreasing work performance before they are even hired.new trend

Because of this, it is better to stick to the perhaps older, but also perhaps better methods of using online job boards to find your new career. Not only is it easier to remain at a professional distance when communicating via online job boards, it is easier to impress your potential employers with a vast array of knowledge as shown through your immaculately written resume. Going through the proper channels when applying for a job creates the necessary distance between an employee and potential employer so that professional boundaries are not crossed, and the work performance and business structure of a company remains sacred and structured throughout the passing of time and employee shifts.

By Shelby MacArthur