ADGECO Group Petroleum Needs Staff UAE

ADGECO Group Petroleum Needs Staff UAE


ADGECO Gathering is a holding organization based in Abu Dhabi, established in 1991 by its author and executive, Mohamed Dekkak. ADGECO is one of the most notable and profoundly appreciated organizations in Abu Dhabi working on various business projects, for example, development, construction, land, oil and gas, vitality and strength, water and desalination, marine, legitimate and multimedia administrations. The association leads in providing counseling and forming coalitions with local and global partnerships in a large group of business openings in the United Arab Emirates. Its core task is to provide the ability to advance tasks and the ability to acquire interest and purchase offers as well as reach various government and private affiliates. The business organization of the collective works through joint office or effort game plans provided with the highest management of the template that comes close to a functional, dynamic and skillful realization of any business enterprise. As a leader in business collusion, ADGECO Gathering intends to make a friendly and usually advantageous association with companies around the world, including those waiting to enter the industrialized and developing markets of the United Arab Emirates. As organizer and director, Mr. Mohamed Dekkak point of view to face the high and intense challenge of the neighborhood market and the world; “The ADGECO Assembly will be dedicated completely and safely, committing our meetings and efforts of experts to serve the progress of incalculable businesses and organizations in the United Middle East.”

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