Advantages and Disadvantages of Business Travel

There are many reasons why a person travels. But usually, it comes down to either pleasure or business. Business travel offers many advantages and disadvantages.

But whether go see someone face-to-face or be content with an interactive presentation in real time for a business meeting all depends on a person’s lifestyle. Besides, both kind of meetings have its pros and cons.


    • Enjoyment – Many people love to travel and given enough time and resources, they would travel more. Enjoyment and the experience of being in another place are enough.
    • Keeping up with the Joneses – Behind the serious motive and purpose of business travel is the need to upgrade and keep up with the latest trends. And sometimes, by vacationing at a tourist spot can achieve just that.
    • Update information – Business meetings wherever it may be conducted also implies the exchange of information and business trends. When surrounded by contemporaries and colleagues, a businessperson can assess other possible ventures.
  • Achieving goals – Business is business. And as the saying goes, there is always a purpose for everything. And the fundamental purpose of a business meeting is either to impress a client or close a deal. These are goals that will prosper the company once achieved.


    • Costly – Roundtrip tickets, hotel accommodation, meals and reservations; these are the common expenditures of executives out on a business trip. While these expenses do not come cheap, business travel also lasts for a couple of days.
    • Unproductive time – Instead of interacting with colleagues, supervising his staff or taking a day off, a businessperson is instead either driving a few miles to meet a client or on board a plane.
    • Delayed schedule – To see each other at a common and agreeable time is one reason why people are forced to set off and meet somebody in person (wherever they are). And that costs precious time. One has to reconcile his schedule or go off his way just to be on time in the meeting.
    • Stressful -Most people who go on business trips find themselves bored and wanting to be somewhere else instead. No wonder these people prefer interactive presentations because they can be comfortable in their own space.
  • Increased workload – Any worker knows that time off from the office desk even for a day or two would leave them with piles and stacks of paperwork to return to. A business trip also means a lot of work to catch up on upon your

Business and travel has a long-standing relationship and it all goes down to the person’s preference. The meeting can be conducted face to face or perhaps teleconferencing would be more convenient and practical while relieving one of the stress of long travel.

Thanks to technology, anyone can now conduct meetings without having to leave the workplace. Through a dependable office product interactive presentation using powerful and convenient receiver kits, one can now conduct business meetings wherever they may be around the globe. Now, businessmen will no longer have to don business suits or book air travel in order to hold a meeting.

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By Greg Nowak