Airgas Job Opportunities – Airgas USA

Airgas Job Opportunities – Airgas USA

Airgas, Founded in 1982, is the leading supplier of Industrial, medical and specialty gases, Welding equipment and supplies, Safety products, Atmospheric gases, Carbon Dioxide, Dry Ice, Nitrous Oxide, Refrigerants, Ammonia and Processed Chemicals. , Airgas is powered by the entrepreneurial spirit of more than 16,000 hard-working men and women who serve in wide range of industries i.e, Manufacturing and metal fabrication, Construction (energy and infrastructural), Energy and chemicals, Life sciences and healthcare, Food and beverage and defense and aerospace.
Airgas offers career/job opportunities to individuals seeking challenging career with a company where you can advance your skills and experience growth in the long term career. Airgas is searching for experienced people to fill job openings as engineers, line workers, electricians, dispatchers, nuclear and fossil plant operators, Customer service, Sales & marketing and Corporate. Airgas is looking for highly qualified and experienced experts who like challenges and opportunities.

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Airgas Benefits Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

Airgas provides remuneration from the world-class benefits package that includes programs and options, insurance coverage, plan health and welfare pension, 401 (k) plan, educational assistance, paid time off and a variety of other programs balance work / life.