All You Need to Know About Office Romances

Office romances are neither strongly prohibited, nor encouraged. People do interact, like or dislike each other, sometimes they even fall in love and get married. This is natural of human beings. There has always been plenty of love stories between employees and bosses, colleagues and competitors. Love affairs as they are do not bring any harm, but the tricky moment is: the closer relationships people reach and the more they love each other – the more they would hurt each other if they break up or go through hard times. Imagine a person falls in love with a colleague from another department. They get married, but decide to get divorced after some time. Divorce, as it is, is a tiresome, sometimes disgusting procedure. If these two have to face each other daily or work cooperatively, most probably their professionalism will be reduced to nothing.

Starting an office romance, people are head over heels in their sweet feelings, and do not realize what they risk. To be more exact, whatever goes wrong with their relationship, they may be either asked or forced, or be willing to change jobs. The wisest way to avoid harsh consequences of a love sickness is to observe a reasonable limit between pleasures and business. In this article, some tips for you to avoid a career crash are collected.

Be Aware of the Rules
Before falling deeply in love, question yourself if you really need this. An office is not a perfect place for romances. Moreover, a great number of companies are against their employees’ having love affairs with each other. And it’s impossible to deny that there is a point in it because a romance is a serious distraction, isn’t it? In case you’re 100% sure, there’ll be no way back, get prepared to wherever love may lead you.

Observe Work Ethics
Separate your private life from work. Even a love affair with someone outside the company might affect you greatly. It goes without saying, that being in love with a colleague you’d better keep it secret, not letting others discuss it. If someone suspects you’re guided by pure feelings in work, you might be in deep trouble.

Date Your Equals
Or better don’t date anyone. Office hierarchy is a core system clarifying people’s responsibilities, needs and expectations. Relationships between non-equals break it, destroy the system, bring chaos. Remember that it all may bring you harm causing salary or position changes.


Keep the distance
Demonstrative at-work relationships are a huge mistake, leading you to a catastrophe. It’s strongly recommended not to show off and avoid any public exposure.

Avoid Making Scenes
If one day you feel irritated with your partner, try to cool down. Don’t mistake an office for a battlefield, there are better places to fight.

What if..?
What if a breakup happens? Surely, people prefer not to picture this having just started new relationships, but this would be quiet reasonable to discuss a possible break-up, to draft a possible scenario. Make sure that both of you want it to be painless and unnoticed by the others.

Be Ready to Leave
It’s pretty hard to keep long-lasting and steady relationships secret. If it all turns serious, one of the partners has to get ready to leave the company to avoid mixing business with family life.



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