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Aptitude Test in selecting jobs

It is considered as a specific test for a given job , also identifies various functions such as reaction speed, coordination, among others. At present, the aptitude test is widely used to learn the skills of the applicant and thus know what you can offer to get the job vacancy.

Also helps to select a person who specifically interested in the skills you have to do a job title .

It should be noted that this test assesses three types of skills:

Numerical Aptitude : measure the ability to perform numerical calculations.
Verbal Aptitude : measure comprehension.
Abstract fitness : measure the artistic side.

Skills required by occupation

Managers and superiors : tests that measure general intelligence and logical reasoning, verbal reasoning tests also and organizational skills.
We also recommend the following:

Means positions : general intelligence and specific skills assessed by occupation:

Administrative : numerical and organizational skills.

Technical: spatial ability and / or numerical.

Computer: logical, verbal, numerical and perceptual reasoning or attention.

job test
job test

Commercial: Logical reasoning, verbal and organizational skills.

Executors basis (vendors, operators …): the same skills that other intermediate positions, but no ability to plan usually requires medium or long term, in this case dispenses with general intelligence test.

Workshop operators and subordinates : attention, mechanical aptitude, spatial ability, understanding of orders.

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