Are you new at work – Here are five things you should never do


Are you new at work – Here are five things you should never do

Sometimes the excitement of a new job we can cloud judgment, and could make mistakes that seem obvious to us … but we ended up committing. careertracing describes the 5 reasons for getting fired.

More and more companies develop programs to welcome new colleagues, remember that every business, large or small, has rules and regulations that govern the behavior of its employees, to preserve and maintain a professional corporate image.
Here we describe some mistakes that should not commit to join a company that could take a job loss.

1. Being tardy

Punctuality is a personality trait denoting character, order and efficiency; by contrast, reflects little organization tardiness, irresponsibility and laziness. Try to arrive at least ten minutes before the scheduled time, rise sooner or ask a family that requires you to leave the bed at a certain time. Once you finish the workday do not be the first to go, especially if you’re late. Is up to you to set the time to remain in office as the workload you have at that time.

2. Abuse of internet and telephone

your job would be at risk if you waste time surfing the internet to check your email accounts and social networks or send messages with inappropriate or offensive content. This also applies to telephone calls, both you do as you get. Limit the time you spend on your calls and personal affairs. It is unprofessional to be talking at all times by phone or texting.

3. dressed inappropriately

As you are new, you will be the focus of your classmates about your appearance. For good impression opts for sobriety and not risk with extravagant taken only get embarrassed in front of others. Believe it or not, appearances do matter in the workplace.

4. Accept projects without question

It is logical that want to look good in your new job, but that does not mean that you accept projects without knowing what it is. Taking charge of a matter not know or do not have any experience alone will lead to mistakes. Adapt to the times within reasonable limits. If you show available after hours or all day through email that availability will be expected to be permanent.

5. Do not ask for help

Clear all your doubts and makes all the questions that require to properly perform your duties. It is preferable to seek support before making a mistake that could cost the company dearly and consequently affect your job.