Australia Top Destination for Engineering Careers

If you’re an engineer, Australia is a place you might consider for your next career move. Both the Australian government and industry employers are putting programs in place to lure people with engineering qualifications, both seasoned professionals and new graduates.

Engineering Wages 60% Above Global Average

A recent report from the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) shows Australian engineering wages are the highest in the world weighing in at 60% above the global average. While a lucrative compensation package is always a strong draw card, Australia is also known for an outstanding commitment to safe work environments.

Australian universities are struggling to keep up with the demand for engineering and geology skills created by the booming resources industry. Currently, 98 major projects are in the final stages of development in the mining, oil and gas, and energy sectors. This activity puts severe pressure on the current engineering workforce.

Skills Shortage Fueled by New Projects

Nearly every discipline of engineering is in demand from senior mining engineers and civil construction engineering right through to marine engineer jobs and piping designer jobs. Because of the continued demand for Australian natural resources from new economies like China, major infrastructure projects are underway in rail, port and general transportation projects to help produce more product.

Greenfields mining projects are under construction as are LNG and other energy projects around the country. Both Western Australia and Queensland are suffering severe engineering skills shortages and are looking to temporary migration to fill the gaps. Engineers around the world are enjoying working on these new projects, some of which only come once in a career.

Graduate Engineers Also in Demand

But Australia is also looking to bring in young engineers with the hopes they’ll migrate to ‘The Lucky Country” permanently. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship recently opened the doors wider than ever before to engineering graduates by revising the 476 visa requirements.

Any university graduate with an engineering degree is encouraged to explore the 476 visa. It’s designed to bring engineering graduates under the age of 31 to live and work in Australia for up to 18 months. Once in Australia, visa holders are welcome to convert their visa to a permanent residency visa allowing them to say indefinitely. Graduate engineering jobs in Australia offer many career challenges and opportunities not available in other countries.

If you’re a qualified engineer – with or without experience – the Australian resources industry is interested in your skills. Migrants comprise over 50% of the current engineering workforce so Australia offers a truly multi-cultural work environment. With exciting projects, highly livable cities, outstanding compensation, and terrific weather, Australia is a fantastic career destination no matter what you’re looking for in your next assignment.