Australian Life Coaches: Winning At Career Development

There are approximately 1500 Life Coaches In Australia according to the International Coaches Federation, the peak registration body for professional and ethical coaches worldwide.

These coaches work to provide tailored action plans for success for every Australian jobseeker, worker, professional and sports fanatic who seeks out their services. A bit like your summer tennis coach who worked with you when you didn’t even know how to hold the racket and stands by your side match, after the match, to see you reign champion!

When a young person says, “I want to get better at tennis” you employ them a coach. So when this same young persons says “I want a better job”, why don’t we do the same?

Lets focus on those amongst us who in 2012 are making a job change. This includes people changing careers, striving for promotion or moving within the same industry between employers. They seek to make a move because they are stuck, they feel unappreciated, they have financial goals, they are looking for career progression, training or just need to stay motivated.

But of your friends, family and acquaintances who have changed jobs in the past year, how many have you heard claim “Its my dream job!” only to re-register with job websites six months later?

I have a friend who made the switch from a vocational training role to her “dream job” in technical training. Her previous work history included two positions that she never liked because of the early morning hours, and she was struggling to exist on the wages of this particular industry. Rather than assess this new job against these two criteria (hours and money) the company and perceived prestige of the role excited her enough to make the leap. The first day she learned that she was now monitoring and training within the same work hours she had dreamed of leaving behind and the money versus the hours of the job was worse! Within 3 months she was in my office crying, “I just can’t work out how it went so wrong?”                                                                                                                               

Most Australian’s change jobs. They don’t improve their careers; their situations. The money is sometimes better, maybe their location too. But, twelve months on they don’t report that their ‘dream’ job is the saviour they thought it would be, that it is any better than their last job, or that they’re enjoying their work so much that they would work for free. So you tell me – did they win or draw even?

By now I hope to have you thinking: What if ‘just another job’ isn’t good enough for me? What if I am looking for personal satisfaction and fulfillment in the workplace? What if I want a job that lets me live out my passion for a group or cause? What if I’ve got a great idea for a new business?

However, I am sure you are also thinking “Where on earth do I even start?!?”

Think ahead – in twelve months will that search you did on Seek, or MyCareer or CareerOne this morning, or that business plan somewhere filed on your desk from late last year, have changed your situation? Tell me, where is this headed? What will your future look like? How will it feel?

If the sweet taste of success turns to bitter disappointment in this future scenario then stop doing what you’ve done before and try something new: Game, Set, and Match to Win! Be game to discover the real you and get motivated, set the plan and match your work with your passion! Score!

Life and Career Coaches work with you to establish motivation, assets and goals, acting as a sounding board for your big picture, to turn these things and more into a game plan you will win at!

Additionally, choosing a Australian Career Coach is a wise investment. An Australian career coach knows the market, the trends and the required employment and training history to isolate both the career path and specific roles that are right for you!

What you spend now identifying and customising your goals, will make a significant return on investment.

So, what is a promotion worth to you?

Partner with an Australian Life or Career Coach to “Win” at Lifelong Career Development!