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10 Keys for Job Seeking During the Fall Season

1. Develop a Plan: With so much going on, it doesn’t pay to get into this without thinking things through first. Not having a job search strategy mapped out clearly in advance could lead to a disaster, such as your current employer learning too soon that you’re looking for a new job.

2. Investigate the Job Search Process: There are plenty of articles online (and career coaching is available as well) if you want to go beyond the simple hunt and peck style of submitting resumes and cover letters to online job boards and company websites. Better strategies exist so learn more about the hiring process to see how you can improve your chances by skipping ahead in line. Read More »

Is It Worth Joining a Bank Exam Training Institute?

As the name suggests, a bank exam training institute helps a candidate to prepare for banking exams. While there are students who can do all the preparation by themselves, not all are that lucky. Some of them do need special guidance and it is here that the role of training institutes matter.

3 Reasons Why You Should Join Bank Exam Training Institute

Here are some important reasons to help decide whether it is worth joining a training institute or not: Read More »

Five Steps to Accelerate Your Career

Many people have heard the popular phrase “climbing the corporate ladder” in reference to the development of a person’s career. This conjures up mental images of pushing people out of the way to claw your way up to the top. This hyper-competitive view of the world has created a dour image of professional success in the minds of many people. Read More »

How to Answer Interview Questions

Why does the hiring manager want to know about your least favorite part of your last job? Because they want to find out more about you, and they are hoping to uncover any potential weaknesses or problems before they hire you. What you say and the way you say it will tell them a lot more than you think.

The basic job interview strategy you want to follow with answering this question is to keep the emphasis on the positive rather than the negative, and be logical (strategic). Don’t tell them something you didn’t like that you will find in this job. Don’t give them a reason not to hire you. Read More »

5 Powerful Answers to Tough Interview Questions

Putting your best foot forward is essential in a job interview, where the margin of error is small and competition is fierce. Seeming confused or hesitant because of tough interview questions can ruin your potential employer’s first impression of you and sabotage any chance of you being hired. However, there are some simple strategies you can use to effectively answer these tough interview questions: Read More »