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North Oil & Gas Job vacancies Qatar

North Oil & Gas Job vacancies Qatar

North Oil Organization is a joint-adventure between two incredibly famous associations: Qatar Oil and Aggregate. Our goal is to boost creation from Al-Shaheen throughout the following 25 years.We are North Oil Organization Building a main seaward administrator.

Conveying sheltered, top tier tasks and innovation

Job displaying trust, regard, and diversity.Empowering individuals to arrive at their full potential.Creating practical incentive for our investors.

The oil field, arranged off the north east shoreline of Qatar, is one of the biggest and generally complex of its sort on the planet. Its 100 million barrels for each annum involve 45% of Qatar’s Oil creation.

Al-Shaheen oil field is situated in Qatari waters 80 kilometers north of Ras Laffan with offices comprising of 33 stages and more than 300+ wells. Al-Shaheen is Qatar’s biggest seaward oil field and one of the biggest seaward oil fields in the world.​



Galfar Oil and Gas Jobs Vacancies in Oman

Galfar Oil and Gas Jobs Vacancies in Oman

GALFAR with a background marked by over 40 years keeps on being a dynamic and energetic association that has continually strived to remain in front of its rivals through a blend of value, development and submitted representatives. All through our excursion, we have made responsibilities to keeping up basic beliefs and standards in our Kin the executives.

GALFAR is looking for imaginative masterminds who can likewise convey on venture plans, while keeping up exclusive expectations of value in a situation of fantastic collaboration. We are resolved to make serious pay for our Industry, while simultaneously giving preparing and advancement that permits people to develop their profession yearnings.

We are pioneers in giving openings for work to Nationals and are gladly keeping up our pledge to Omanization.

We are a multi-disciplinary and multi-social association and we esteem assorted variety in a situation that energizes greatness. We have confidence in a guarantee to the rule of “One GALFAR”, discovering more compelling approaches to work and supporting one another, while setting guidelines of individual and expert lead – at the same time conveying activities and administrations that surpass customer desires.

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Bilfinger Tebodin Petroleum Jobs UAE-Qatar-UK


Bilfinger Tebodin Petroleum Jobs UAE-Qatar-UK

Bilfinger Tebodin was established and built up in the time of post-war reproduction (1945) in The Hague in the Netherlands by Mr. Frederik van Iterson. The financial achievements of the occasions were of significance for our turn of events: recreation after the Subsequent Universal War, decade of blasting business, period of natural mindfulness, internationalization, and the new thousand years. We have consistently evolved alongside customers’ needs and we developed into more develop and dynamic accomplices with each monetary cycle.

Your aspiration is our beginning stage, your key goal our main thrust. Bilfinger Tebodin has the information on your business sectors and your aspirations. We have an unmistakable vision on current turns of events. We are committed to convey each venture – through and through on schedule, meeting quality necessities and inside financial plan. Adaptable, strong and safe.

We are your autonomous accomplice on each level. Adaptable, strong, and safe. Collaborating with customers and driving development with incorporated elite consultancy and designing arrangements, joined with proficient venture and development the executives, We can approach the experience, mastery and the energy for innovation of 1,600 expert advisors and architects.

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Ramboll Engineering & Construction UAE-Qatar-UK

Ramboll Engineering & Construction UAE-Qatar-UK

Ramboll utilizes 16,500 individuals universally and has particularly solid portrayal in the Nordics, UK, North America, Mainland Europe, Center East and Asia-Pacific. We are available in 35 nations and join nearby involvement in a worldwide information base, continually endeavoring to accomplish motivating and demanding arrangements that have a certifiable effect to our customers, end-clients, and society on the loose. Ramboll works over the accompanying business sectors: Structures, Transport, Water, Condition and Wellbeing, Vitality and The board Counseling.

We cooperate with our customers to make manageable social orders where individuals and nature thrive. With our special mix of specialized greatness and financial bits of knowledge we convey suffering structures, asset effective arrangements and socially firm networks for now and tomorrow.

We have a multidisciplinary way to deal with what we do and what we try to accomplish. We work to make a supportable society where improved personal satisfaction and monetary development is empowered by imaginative and strong answers for the most squeezing needs, difficulties and worries for organizations, public foundations and individuals.

Frequently these difficulties are identified with the physical condition in which life unfurls – regular assets, framework, structures and structures, metropolitan spaces – and our aspiration is to help drive a feasible change towards a more asset productive future.




CCED procured Squares 3 and 4 in Oman in 2007. Over the past 40 years a few oil organizations had investigated the squares with little achievement, anyway CCED brought a refined topographical viewpoint and investigated various chances.

A hierarchical structure and business measures that guarantee esteem is made from each barrel created

A drawn out worth producing development plan and

A cost productive operational model empowered by innovation


Enerflex Oil & Gas Job Vacancies UAE-USA-OMAN

Enerflex Oil & Gas Job Vacancies UAE-USA-OMAN

Enerflex is a traded on an open market, worldwide

working organization that engineers, plans,

fabricates and gives reseller’s exchange

uphold for hardware, frameworks and turnkey

offices used to measure and move common

gas from the wellhead to the pipeline.

Enerflex individuals are issue solvers, daring people and cooperative people, enthusiastic about making an interpretation of abilities into arrangements that address or surpass the issues and desires for our clients.

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Caterpillar Engineering & Construction Jobs


Caterpillar Engineering & Construction Jobs

Caterpillar Inc. is an American Fortune 100 company which plans, creates, engineers, makes, markets, and sells hardware, motors, monetary items, and protection to clients by means of an overall seller organization. It is the world’s biggest development gear maker.

Throughout the only remaining century we’ve developed with our clients. We’ve changed together as the world has changed: making, building, critical thinking, developing, testing, overhauling and improving. At the point when clients pick our items, almost 100 years of experience and mastery.

Our Corporate Chronicles group has the significant Caterpillar’s history and the job our hardware, clients and individuals have played in ventures the world over.


QAFCO-Qatar Fertiliser Company Job Vacancies-Qatar

QAFCO-Qatar Fertiliser Company Job Vacancies-Qatar

Established in 1969 as a joint endeavor between the Administration of Qatar and various unfamiliar investors, QAFCO has developed consistently in the course of recent decades as an a-list compost maker. The nation’s first huge scope adventure in the petrochemical division, QAFCO was set up to expand the economy and use the country’s huge gas hold. QAFCO is at present possessed 75% by Enterprises Qatar (level of intelligence) and 25% by Yara Netherland.

With 6 elite plants creating a sizable yearly limit of 3.8 million MT of alkali and 5.6 million MT of urea, QAFCO stands gladly as the world’s biggest single-site exporter of urea with up to 14% portion of the world flexibly. QAFCO is emphatically dedicated to working its benefits securely, proficiently and in an ecologically dependable way to deliver great Smelling salts and Urea.

Proceeding with its responsibility to greatness, QAFCO intends to be the biggest maker of urea on the planet by 2030, driving towards a greener earth.

QAFCO began creation from its first plant (QAFCO 1) in 1973.

We will work the plants Effectively, Securely, and in an Ecologically Dependable way.

Qatar Compost Organization’s (QAFCO) HR Office is forcefully seeking after to be the main part in association with the Line The executives in the association and inside the business segment in the territories of Preparing and Advancement, Staff Arranging, Faculty Organization and prosperity of its workers.

It is our undertaking to tap the maximum capacity of our kin by changing into an exhibition driven association that draws in the best ability, sustains the work constrain and adjust its methodologies to be in accordance with the authoritative vision and goals.


SAMREF Oil & Gas jobs Saudi Arabia

SAMREF Oil & Gas jobs Saudi Arabia

SAMREF is a similarly claimed joint endeavor between Saudi Bedouin Oil Organization (Saudi Aramco) and Mobil Yanbu refining Organization Inc. (a completely possessed auxiliary of Exxon Mobil Organization).

Saudi Middle Eastern Oil Organization (Saudi Aramco) is the universes biggest oil creating and trading organization and was built up by Imperial Announcement in 1988 to accept the obligations of its ancestor, Aramco that has a history going back over 70 years.

SAMREF is one of the main treatment facilities in the center East, processing in excess of 400,000 barrels for each day of Bedouin Light unrefined petroleum. Samref produces a full scope of items including Propane and numerous evaluations of Car diesel oil (ADO), two evaluations of Marine substantial fuel oil (MHFO) and Sulfur.


Nawah Energy Company Jobs Abu Dhabi UAE

Nawah Energy Company Jobs Abu Dhabi UAE

Built up in 2016, Nawah Vitality Organization (Nawah) will work and keep up Units 1 to 4 at the Barakah Atomic Vitality Plant, the principal atomic vitality plant in the UAE and the area, situated in the Al Dhafra Locale, Abu Dhabi.

Nawah, the world’s freshest atomic administrator, will saddle the intensity of atomic vitality to give a protected, solid, spotless and supportable gracefully of low-carbon power to add to the UAE’s social and monetary turn of events and upgrade the personal satisfaction for a long time into the future.

With wellbeing as its abrogating need, and in adherence to the most noteworthy global principles in the atomic business, Nawah will create up to 5,600 megawatts of vitality from the 4 units at Barakah, providing roughly 25% of the UAE’s power necessities.