best new business ideas for 2014 to 2015

Missing that provide many solutions even within a fast, changing and highly technological industry, where probably we have not yet seen or 30% of the most immediate progress. Although it may give the impression that everything has already been invented, the fact is that you can still initiate and shape a company that offers hundreds of solutions both large companies and small business owners and end users. Here we present 20 business ideas that can be very profitable.

1. Call Center focused on small businesses.

Center Call centers have always been focused on large companies, being inaccessible to small owner or autonomous. After getting noticed the decline of the Call Center, some US companies are now focusing on meeting the needs of small businesses and freelancers, because really have this kind of service at an affordable price could increase sales and give a picture more professional. It’s a matter of analyzing the project and profitability.

2. Business training in the use of Software.

Selling software that makes life easier for professionals, is also higher, but many companies using new software and whose employees are slow to learn to use it properly or get all the utility that could get. Although all software has its manual, they are sometimes not at all useful, and can reduce learning time if an expert as adequately explain to managers using.

3. Food Truck.

Although we know that in many countries this idea would not be entirely feasible by burocrácritas obstacles, in those countries where it is permitted proved to be a very profitable business if we consider that we can focus on a few hours of work per day, especially on weekends in the nightlife. The good thing about this idea is that a truck ready to become mobile restaurant requires much less investment to open a restaurant.

4. Enterprise professional translators and interpreters.

In a globalized business world the presence of our company in various countries is required if we want to cover more, so now more than ever, the perfect translation of a website or a database is needed. Likewise, in the world of global business we may have the need for an interpreter to close a deal with a foreign client and need an interpreter seamless.

5. Control Services employees.

Increasingly, companies that do not need their employees to come to the company, they can work electronically. While there are some programs that measure employee performance, the fact is that to bring a more comprehensive monitoring, many companies have difficulty interpreting a series of graphs and statistics. At other times they do not have time, and expressly hire a department for this function, probably not profitable. (Read: The first business ideas Warren Buffett to win $ 53,000 at age 16 )
6. Mobile Services aesthetics.

Some countries have been some vans whose interior is a cosmetic cabinet where manicures, pedicures or facials done, although we must not use both. Today, there is a customer who does not have time or inclination to take a car and go to a beauty, so each looks more aesthetic service delivery, where customers can comb or hair dye in his will demand home and get a massage or a manicure. Everything in your own home. Also ideal for people who work from home and can be good customers of this service.

7. Vending Machines (Vending)

The Vending business continues to grow. In fact, today there are many franchises in this sector. Vending machines today are not like before. We can sell almost anything (see: the most original vending machines ). Since water and soda in buildings, coffee and food companies, even bread and eggs on the street. All. A 24-hour supermarket open 7 days a week.

8. Smartphone Repair and sale of resale.

It is said that there are now almost more smartphones than people. And it is an expensive product, both at the time of purchase and the time to repair. Certain repairs not covered by insurance companies. At other times the break comes once we no longer have warranty on the terminal. That is why the United States have soared openings smartphones repair shops. In other cases, are also involved in buying old phones to be sold as second hand. It may be a good deal.

9. Contractors.

Throughout the crisis, the profession of contractor has fallen dramatically, so that as the industry recovers, many people have difficulty finding a professional and skilled labor when deciding to fix your home.

10. Beyond the contractor.

Today, with the rise of the internet of things and as energetically sustainable housing, I think it is time to think about the idea of becoming the contractor of the future, where in addition to builders and electricians could include more technology profiles to work with home automation, mobile applications and alternative energy. (Read: So this young man won over € 120,000 in a few months )
11. Testing Business.

Applications, e-commerce, websites, software … today are essential for the smooth running of a business. But not always work, so the testing service today has a high demand, in order to analyze and test what matters for the company.

12. Business Services.

We can include countless services focused on the business, from the development of strategic plans based on market research and competition, developing marketing plans, helps procurement departments of external HR and especially training for employees in both the use of software and sales. Even coaching services at both employed as executives. In this sector would find excellent business opportunities.

13. VIP customer focused business.

We can start a company focused than 5% of the population. As we said in a previous article, the business focused on the rich are proving more profitable, less competition and higher profit margin. We also have opportunities in the VIP customer service sector , where we explained ideas as varied as private chef for dogs luxury dating service for VIPs and even personal or virtual assistant and Personal Shopper and Personal Trainer.

14. Security systems for mega-rich.

With the growing gap between rich and poor and the entry of specialized mafias in house raids, the rich invest in safety unusual. And not just talk about anti-panic rooms. We talked about much , to the point that some of these security systems are banned in most countries.

15. Protection of children.

If there is a service that people would pay delighted, that service would be some invention to prevent a child being kidnapped and that could prevent the child out of a limited area, because if it does not happen with the lowest at 2 or 3 hours of being kidnapped, the damage is already done. That is why in a technological era, yet to invent a product that ensures the integrity of a child and an assailant complicating the task of advising parents to take him or police immediately. Who is the inventor of this device ?.

16. The market for bargains.

We talked about this business opportunity that meets the needs of the weakest pockets with all kinds of low cost services in different sectors, which appeared in the Command News program. You can see it here.

17. Technological trends booming.

We can take advantage of new technological trends that are booming and where we might find a gap still to undertake. From mobile applications offering a solution to a company until Applications for VIP clients , mobile payments, 3D printers, smart cities and homes …