Big winners and losers of money in 2014

This year 2014 was characterized for coming with amazing highs and lows. The big winners were those who opted for technology companies.

This year 2014 has not exactly been an easy year for the markets, much less to investors. The two ends of winners are located in two completely different markets: The oil and technology.

As noted by MSN, more than 155 billionaires 2013. The site also notes that there are currently 2,325 businessmen with assets of more than 7,000 million and that figure will continue to rise over the next five years, were generated at the this figure could rise to 3,800 people.

Marketwatch reveals that the big winner this year was Jack Ma, CEO of, who, when to take your business to the bag, exponentially increased its value. Ma has increased itsFortune 173%. Right now your estate exceeds 29,200 million.

They also highlight other big winners of 2014, associated companies offering technology: Warren Buffett (investor and philanthropist), Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) and Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft).

On the other side of the coin is that of the oil investors: Leonid Mikhelson has lost 7,000 million -41% of his fortune as a result of the continued decline in oil prices.

They have also lost hundreds of millions of dollars: Jeff Bezos (CEO and founder of Amazon) and Sheldon Adelson (chairman of the casino company that tried to open a mega complex in Madrid, Las Vegas Sands).