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Canada’s educational mission is to create a life-changing impact on every Canadian resident and society.

On the other hand, it is the dream of every parent to provide quality education to their children. There are many bright and smart students who want to study in foreign countries to gain a better learning experience. Why study in this country?
Canada offers high quality of education to students. The country’s endeavors to make students competitive, in terms of labour and employment, create collaboration with the parents, local health-providers, school teachers, social workers, and counselors to develop the social, creative, physical, and cognitive skills of students. The country also respects immigrants regardless of background, culture, ethnicity and religion. It creates a learning system that can be introduced and expanded into new or existing community programs and educational systems that will empower families of low income communities to participate and effect changes in certain educational policies and practices. Education and training enables students to grow into adults who are comfortable in their society. The country offers innovative ways of teaching. Educators believe that it is necessary to be aware of and be able to learn using the latest technologies in education. For the country to thrive, it believes that students must have the knowledge and understanding on the use of electronic devices, which greatly aid learning. It has developed a unique and sustained teaching system that commits Canadian students to improve self-development in every aspect of their lives and one that will engage them to develop a sense of service to one another and to their community. Hence, the country provides activities driven by their system of teaching to develop the physical, emotional, and mental leadership skills that are necessary for students to have the tools to effect and advocate social change in schools and in the society.       Guidelines in Applying for a Student Visa There will be no study permit required if you plan to stay for less than six months. But if you are planning to study here for a longer period of time, I suggest you apply for a student visa. In getting one, you need to comply with the requirements of the embassy such as the following: · You must have no criminal record. · You must undergo a medical examination. · You must have proof of financial support indicating that you are able to provide for yourself during your stay. · You must hold an acceptance letter from any of the Canadian educational institutions countersigned by one of their representatives. · You must provide a proof of identity such as a birth certificate, valid passport, or any travel document. Once you have completed the application forms and requirements, expect either an approval or disapproval letter from the Canadian visa office that processed your application. If approved, the agency will send you a letter of introduction expressing approval of your application. You must present this letter to the immigration officer upon your arrival in the country as proof. If disapproved, you will receive a letter explaining why your application to study has been denied. Contact Illuminate Canada for additional information. Have your assessment today!
Ricardo Colanders is a Canadian staffing and immigration expert. He writes about the countless reasons why Canada is an ideal place to work, study, immigrate, or have a vacation.

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