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Canadian Immigration: For Quality Living

There are thousands of places in which people can live and work all over the world, but there are also countless factors to consider in choosing a perfect place where you and your family can have quality living. It will take a lot of courage to move to a new country. Low crime and violence rate to first-rate education system are only some of the important decision-variables to seriously think about.

Q: Where is the best place to have an excellent life in the world?


A: Being one of the top places in which to live since 1994, according to the United Nations and Economist Intelligence Unit, Canada has become one of the most desirable destinations for migration and great career opportunities because of the country’s government/political stability, growing economy, and the quality of life it has to offer, including high standards of education, cost of living, and low crime and violence rate.

Standard of Education Children up to age 16, or as soon as they earned a high school diploma, depending on the province are required to attend schools and universities-mostly funded by the government-as mandated by law. Thus, Canadians are regarded to be some of the best educated people in the world. More so, literacy rate among adults in the country is 99 percent.

Crime and Violence Rate Where great education and governmental provision, particularly social welfare, are established, a low crime and violence rate usually follows. Recent statistics show that police-reported crime rate has dropped six percent in 2011 from the previous year, the country’s lowest crime figure since 1972.

Cost of Living The country is known for having one of the strongest and most stable economies in the world. The cost of living in the country in terms of food, clothing, shelter, among other basic necessities for daily survival are affordable and less expensive compared to other popular and desirable countries to settle.

Q: Are immigrants welcome to the country?

A: The country gladly opened its doors to foreign settlers, particularly to qualified skilled professionals to further improve economic outcomes for both immigrants and the country. According to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, the country is receptive to raising its Canadian immigration level as long as more new settlers are working and earning at rates close to Canadian-born people (The Globe and Mail, 2012).

Q: What are the in-demand jobs in the country?

A: There are myriad career opportunities in the country, however, the most in demand and earn the highest salary are:

· Petroleum engineers

· Medical related professions

· Mangers in production and restaurants

· Architects

· Drillers and explosives experts in surface mining, excavation, and construction

· Information technology workers

Q: How can I obtain work or permanent residency in Canada?

A: The country is offering several Canadian immigration options such as:

· Skilled workers program

· Provincial nomination program

· Business permanent residency program

· Family class sponsorship

Considering the quality of life Canada has to offer and thinking of moving or migrating to the country but not certain when and where to start, you can ask the help of top Canadian immigration and staffing professionals like Illuminate Canada.

Ricardo Colindres is a Canadian staffing and immigration expert. He writes about the countless reasons why Canada is an ideal place to work, study, immigrate, or have a vacation.

By Ricardo Colindres    

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