Care for your skin after sun

The holidays represent, in many cases, to lower our guard regarding the care of our body. However, small and easy routines can help take care of our skin so punished in summer because of the sun.

Glowing tan in summer it can be very healthy, as the sun is a natural source of vitamin D. With just a 5-10 minute daily exposure to the sun, we help our bodies metabolize all the vitamin D you need for proper operation. However, if not done properly, it can also be a danger to the skin, with the summer heat dehydrates faster. Furthermore, sweat moisture are generated, making it more vulnerable to infection.

The skin is not only the largest organ of the human body and, therefore, which is more exposed, but also remember, as a record until the assaults during childhood of the person.

Beyond the aesthetic effect in the short term, not properly care for the skin after sun can cause spots, freckles, wrinkles, and in the worst cases, skin cancer. Therefore, after a day at the beach or pool, or simply a day of sightseeing in the sun, pampered skin is key both to retain the tan to prevent diseases.

Treat your skin to get home

The first step upon arriving home after a day in the sun is a swim and use a body wash or neutral pH for sensitive skin, to remove traces of impurities, chlorine from the pool or the salt of Tues.

While a shower is enough to recover the tone of the skin, a bath of essential oils is a great way to hydrate your body, while providing additional benefits as it also contributes to the relaxation.

For those who want to preserve the tan everything, can be added to bath infused four black tea bags in a quart of water, as it is a natural self tanner which can nourish the skin.