Careers And Jobs: 4 Essential Tips To Help You Succeed In Your Current Employment

Some folks apply for careers and jobs with the sole purpose of just getting one and automatically assume that their quest ends there. Unfortunately, the reality is keeping your job sometimes prove to be just as or even more difficult than finding one. Here are some tips on keeping and even succeeding in that job you worked so hard to get.

1. Know thyself. Yes, it’s a clich√© with the number of times one hears it, but it is one principle that stands true. Knowing what you are good at and what your limitations are would allow you to focus on your talents. Because of that, you can work on aspects of yourself that require some tuning up. With this knowledge of yourself, you can be more confident in the choices that you make and avoid situations where you might not be capable of handling. This would also allow you to realize when you might not be able to deal with a situation alone and thus ask for the help at the appropriate time, be it from a co-worker or a superior.

2. Decide what you want and develop a plan on how to get it. One of the most common questions during interviews is this: “How do you see yourself five years from now” or certain variations of such. The reason interviewers ask this question is that people with an end in mind tend to be more driven to accomplish that goal. But it is not enough to know what you want. You need to have a plan. That is because a plan allows you to focus that will eventually drive you in achieving your goal.

3. Open your mind to learning. We are living in the information age where what you know now will most likely be outdated tomorrow, literally. Because the wealth of information out there is practically limitless and our brains are not, you must choose wisely on what to spend your time on what to learn. Usually, focusing on learning more related to what you are already good at is a good start, but keep your eyes open to new ideas and concepts.

4. Keep your ears open. Someone once said that “God gave us two ears and one mouth so that we may listen more and speak less.” This is important for two main reasons:

– By listening to people, you tend to learn more about them and yourself.

– By listening more, you speak less, which may prevent you from saying things you might regret.

In the Philippines, they have a saying, “Daghan sulti, daghan sayop.” Roughly translated, it means, “the more you say, the more mistakes you make”. While countless people lost their careers and jobs and sometimes even their lives by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, many folks benefitted immensely by simply listening, observing and learning and thus avoid fatal mistakes.