10 Tips for effective presentations


10 Tips for effective presentations
One of the situations that we have to deal in our professional life will be when we should make a presentation and generally these are fundamental to the success of your company. A decision to make or a new way of working are some situations where we stand before an audience and expose what we want to present. Read More »

list of Highest Paying Companies – highest salaries

Highest Paying Companies
Highest Paying Companies

list of Highest Paying Companies – highest salaries  (Salaried Employees)
(According to

  • Bingham McCutchen, Associates, average pay $211,017
  • Arnold & Porter, Associates, average pay $194,575
  • Alston & Bird, Associate Attorneys, average pay $190,135
  • Shared Technologies, Sales reps, $187,137
  • Nixon Peabody, Associate Attorneys, $178,016
  • Devon Energy, Engineer, $173,057
  • Perkins Coie, Associates, $162,860
  • EOG Resources, Engineers, $146,739
  • Adobe Systems, Computer Scientists, $137,691
  • Goldman Sachs, Other Exempt (Analysts, Program Analysts, Associates, and Professional Non- Exempt), $137,000
  • Boston Consulting Group, Consultants, $136,706
  • Cisco Systems, Software Engineers IV, $132,004
  • Network Appliance, MTS Software 4, $129,689
  • Kimley-Horn & Associates, Project Managers, $127,167
  • eBay, Software Engineers 4, $125,889
  • Robert W. Baird, Financial Analysts, $123,800
  • Texas Instruments, Electrical Design Engineers, $116,636
  • MITRE, Lead Information Systems Engineers, $116,291
  • Yahoo, Technical Yahoo, $116,250
  • S.C. Johnson & Son, Senior Research Scientist, $110,587
  • Ohio Health, Pharmacists, $108,143
  • Chesapeake Energy, Toolpushers, $108,031
  • Publix Super Markets, Store Managers, $107,280
  • SAS Institute, Software Developers, $104,566
  • Johnson Financial Group, Commercial Relationship Managers III, $104,561

Promote Business Get Facebook Marketing EBook Free

Facebook Marketing Book-Free
Facebook Marketing Book-Free

Promote Business Get Facebook Marketing EBook Free (Download Facebook Marketing Book Free link share below)
Facebook currently has more than 1000 million users and is estimated to average 25 minutes per day on the network. Imagine reaching only 0.1% of those users whose profile matches your country and language. Read More »

Professional Lessons films nominated for Oscar 2015

Professional Lessons films nominated for Oscar 2015
Popcorn, TV, sofa … no longer need anything for the Oscar Gala 2015. This year the nominees for the Oscars 2015 are based on characters that demonstrate leadership and creation. From jobandtalent lessons we show films nominated for Oscar 2015 we can apply to our professional life, will you be the next Alan Turing? Read More »

Habits to improve productivity at work

“Habits can be either the best of servants or the worst of masters”

Although we are not aware, we all have a series of habits that we repeat almost automatically. They influence our daily lives and can make us feel a different mood or even be different people in our environment. In careertracing we will show habits to improve productivity every day. Read More »