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GHD Engineering Vacancies – USA-UAE-Qatar

GHD Engineering  Vacancies – USA-UAE-Qatar

GHD is one of the world’s driving proficient administrations organizations working in the worldwide business sectors of water, energy and assets, climate, property and structures, and transportation. We give designing, engineering, natural and development administrations to private and public area customers.

Set up in 1928 and exclusive by our kin, GHD works across five mainlands – Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America – and the Pacific district. We utilize in excess of 10,000 individuals in 200+ workplaces to convey ventures with exclusive expectations of wellbeing, quality and morals over the whole resource esteem chain. Driven by a customer administration drove culture, we associate the information, ability and experience of our kin with imaginative practices, specialized capacities and hearty frameworks to make enduring network benefits.

Focused on feasible turn of events, GHD improves the physical, regular and social conditions of the numerous networks in which we work. We are guided by our work environment wellbeing, security, quality and natural administration frameworks, which are confirmed to the pertinent worldwide guidelines (ISO and OHSAS).

In arrangement with the worldwide requests of water, energy and urbanization, our point is to surpass the desires for our customers and add to their prosperity.


Emerson Engineering Jobs & Careers | UAE | QATAR | KUWAIT

Emerson Engineering Jobs & Careers | UAE | QATAR | KUWAIT


We focus on the most mind boggling, significant difficulties confronting the world simultaneously, mechanical, business and private business sectors. Our worldwide ability, top tier advancements and center stages convey an incentive over a scope of businesses and parts. With us, you can generally Think of it as Illuminated.

Our groups over the world are continually endeavoring to be more associated, forward-looking and client centered. Our organization esteems fill in as our establishment, illuminating each choice we make. They are important for a common vision that stays with us grounded as a, pushing ahead together even as the businesses we serve proceed to move and change.

Our realignment makes an exceptionally engaged portfolio composed around an answer driven plan of action. It will permit us to quicken development and worth creation so we can best serve our clients, our representatives and our investors, guaranteeing that each can put stock in Emerson’s suffering guarantee of Think of it as Unraveled.


Rio Tinto | Mining & Metals Vacancies | Worldwide


Rio Tinto | Mining & Metals Vacancies | Worldwide

Rio Tinto Gathering is a Somewhat English Australian worldwide and the world’s second biggest metals and mining company, behind BHP, delivering iron mineral, copper, precious stones, gold and uranium.

We produce iron mineral for steel, aluminum for vehicles and advanced mobile phones, copper for wind turbines, precious stones that set the norm for “dependable”, titanium for family items and borates for crops that feed the world.

We produce iron metal for steel, aluminum for vehicles and advanced mobile phones, copper for wind turbines, jewels that set the norm for “mindful”, titanium for family items and borates for crops that feed the world.

We work in around 36 nations – in mines, smelters and treatment facilities, just as in deals workplaces, server farms, innovative work labs.

We additionally need to pioneer a more practical future, and accept we can be essential for the arrangement: from assisting with creating innovation that can make the aluminum purifying cycle completely liberated from direct GHG emanations, to giving the world the materials it needs –, for example, copper and titanium – to construct an amazing failure carbon economy and items like electric vehicles and cell phones. In 2018, we additionally left non-renewable energy source creation, turning into the main significant mining organization to do as such.


Danos Jobs Oil Service Provider | USA

Danos Jobs Oil Service Provider | USA

In 1947, Allen Danos Sr., a relative of south Louisiana ranchers, acquired $2,000 to begin a little towing boat organization with his brother by marriage, Syriaque Curole. The enterprising disapproved of pair hung up their Danos and Curole shingle, instantly bought their first vessel, the Yoyo, and gotten their first client, Inlet Oil (later became Chevron). They kept their overhead low – their spouses saved the monetary books for the beginning up activity, and they directed business from the Curole kitchen table. The men were glad to have the option to accommodate their families while making openings for work for their locale.

Today, the second and third ages of the Danos family are in charge of the developing association. From a little towing boat organization, Danos has developed into a confided in key accomplice for oil and gas administrators around the world. Danos offers coastal and seaward clients a broad scope of coordinated administrations, including: creation workforce, manufacture, development, venture the executives, coatings, mechanization, instrumentation and electrical, framework, shorebase and coordinations, mechanical upkeep, administrative consistence, power age, valve and wellhead. Danos has in excess of 2,000 representatives, with 9 workplaces in Louisiana and Texas and activities across in the Bay of Mexico and North American shale plays. Looking forward, the organization intends to keep including administration lines and expanding tasks to address the issues of its clients. All through the previous seventy years, one thing has continued as before at Danos: an enduring pledge to qualities, security and by and large outcomes for our customers.




CCED procured Squares 3 and 4 in Oman in 2007. Over the past 40 years a few oil organizations had investigated the squares with little achievement, anyway CCED brought a refined topographical viewpoint and investigated various chances.

A hierarchical structure and business measures that guarantee esteem is made from each barrel created

A drawn out worth producing development plan and

A cost productive operational model empowered by innovation


Enerflex Oil & Gas Job Vacancies UAE-USA-OMAN

Enerflex Oil & Gas Job Vacancies UAE-USA-OMAN

Enerflex is a traded on an open market, worldwide

working organization that engineers, plans,

fabricates and gives reseller’s exchange

uphold for hardware, frameworks and turnkey

offices used to measure and move common

gas from the wellhead to the pipeline.

Enerflex individuals are issue solvers, daring people and cooperative people, enthusiastic about making an interpretation of abilities into arrangements that address or surpass the issues and desires for our clients.

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Caterpillar Engineering & Construction Jobs


Caterpillar Engineering & Construction Jobs

Caterpillar Inc. is an American Fortune 100 company which plans, creates, engineers, makes, markets, and sells hardware, motors, monetary items, and protection to clients by means of an overall seller organization. It is the world’s biggest development gear maker.

Throughout the only remaining century we’ve developed with our clients. We’ve changed together as the world has changed: making, building, critical thinking, developing, testing, overhauling and improving. At the point when clients pick our items, almost 100 years of experience and mastery.

Our Corporate Chronicles group has the significant Caterpillar’s history and the job our hardware, clients and individuals have played in ventures the world over.


Element Exova Job Vacancies UAE-KUWAIT-UK-CANADA


Element Exova Job Vacancies UAE-KUWAIT-UK-CANADA

Component Materials Innovation and Exova Gathering Restricted, two of the world’s driving research center based testing organizations, are meeting up to make the best and most confided in testing accomplice on the planet.

Our motivation will keep on being a straightforward one. To verify that the entirety of the materials and items we test, review and confirm for our customers are consistently sheltered in their end application; are of predictable, attractive quality; are agreeable with all significant industry principles and guidelines and are eventually fit for reason.

Together we will keep on assisting our customers to grow better items to take to showcase.

Albeit a generally new name in the Worldwide Testing, Review and Confirmation (Spasm) part, Component has a long history and modern legacy that we are legitimately pleased with.

Initially framed from the in-house materials testing and item testing research centers of the Netherlands based Stork Building Gathering, Component Materials Innovation can follow its testing family back to 1827 – just about 200 years.

From 2011 – 2017, Component dramatically multiplied its incomes; expanded the quantity of Connected Specialists it utilized to more than 2,000 and the quantity of research facilities inside the gathering to 61, through a mix of effective natural and inorganic development systems. Presently, with the procurement of Exova Gathering Restricted, we have taken things to an absolutely new level.

The joined association comprises of in excess of 6,200 representatives, working out of 200 research centers, situated in excess of 30 nations across five mainlands. It will spend significant time in giving an extensive scope of materials testing, item capability testing, counseling and confirmation administrations to the worldwide Aviation; Fire and Building Items; Framework and Natural; Oil and Gas; and Transportation and Industrials areas.

The obtaining of Exova sets up the Component Gathering as a genuinely noteworthy, worldwide supplier of testing administrations and puts it well while in transit to understanding its continuous desire of turning into the best and most confided in testing accomplice on the planet.


Maire Tecnimont Oil & Gas-Engineering-Construction Jobs

Maire Tecnimont Oil & Gas-Engineering-Construction Jobs

We’re an innovation driven worldwide Gathering working for the change of regular assets into imaginative items at the junction between the vitality and the assembling enterprises.

We are a really universal organization, with a solid neighborhood nearness, a continually growing geological impression and an expanded business methodology across various divisions.

With many marked ventures in our pipeline, new requests consistently coming in and a past filled with sound incomes we offer an engaging incentive to the recognizing financial specialist.

The ability to make an interpretation of front line examination into mechanical arrangements understanding modern difficulties is our pith: we encourage the vitality change through applied advancement.

The profundity of our building and mechanical mastery is coordinated distinctly by the social broadness of our kin. We blossom with both complex difficulties and the decent variety of the individuals who tackle them.


BESIX Group Engineering jobs UAE-KUWAIT-SAUDI-UK

BESIX Group Engineering jobs UAE-KUWAIT-SAUDI-UK

BESIX Gathering is a development bunch situated in Brussels, one of the world’s driving global temporary workers as per the ENR positioning. Dynamic since 1909, BESIX works in Europe, the Center East, Oceania, Africa, North America and Asia.

Since initial going without hesitation in 1909, the BESIX Gathering has throughout the long term developed into a multidisciplinary organization with a main situation in its business sectors: development, property improvement and concessions. BESIX Contracting spends significant time in development, framework and marine works, frequently in contracts with an elevated level of intricacy. In Benelux and France, the Gathering’s territorial members BESIX Infra, Cobelba, Jacques Delens, Vanhout, Wust and Lux TP guarantee a solid nearness and a neighborhood approach. With Frankie Establishments, Socogetra, BESIX Condition and Van lair Berg, the Gathering offers pro specialty answers for the structure market like profound establishments, geo-designing, street development, water treatment and link and pipeline development.

The cooperative energies between the Gathering’s substances empower us to make an incentive for the client that goes past simply constructing. Where important, and depending on our PPP experience, we can likewise assume a functioning job in financing, activity and upkeep of the undertakings we are engaged with.

One component that puts BESIX aside in its industry is its in-house building division, with ability in geotechnical designing, solid innovation, strategies and arranging apparatuses like BIM and Framework Designing. By upgrading our plan work and afterward adjusting the execution stage on it, we produce ‘esteem designing’, limiting the dangers and expenses of disappointment, and advancing expense and usage time for the customer.

It is in our DNA to bring each task we attempt, anyway testing, to an effective end. It is regularly in troublesome conditions that we show our full imagination and adaptability to guarantee a task’s prosperity. Consistently we give close consideration to the most severe wellbeing guidelines, which are a first concern for BESIX.